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Xian Lim addresses accusations that he is unprofessional

  • Xian Lim rants on social media about professionalism.
  • Xian denied having an attitude problem.

Actor-singer Xian Lim snapped on social media after being accused of being unprofessional.

In an Instagram post, Lim said no one has the right to question his professionalism and passion.

“You can insult me, mock me all you want, take everything away from me and strip me down to nothing, but don’t you dare question my professionality [sic], passion, and the amount of work I am willing to put in my craft in all the projects I make. I may not be the best, but I will work my ass off to give you results,” he wrote.

Xian also said that in everything he does, he always make sure to deliver what is being asked of him.

“As an artist, I am willing to do whatever it takes to deliver even if it kills me. I will move mountains, give my own sweat and blood, take that leap of faith for my staff and all the people around me who share the same vision as I do,” he added.

Without naming names, he also lamented the insensitivity of a person who insulted him by saying his career might get ruined after getting Xian as his/her actor.

“I refuse to be a victim of your insensitivity towards people. DONE. Signing off social media for a while. What a waste of time watering dead plants. Still hung over from the words thrown at me. I will forgive but I’ll never forget. ‘Ikakasira ng career mo ang pagkuha sa akin as your actor’ will always linger in me. I have never been insulted this much in my life. I will not use this as a motivation because it’s not worth it, rather I will take this experience as a daily reminder to be kind to everyone around me because that is the humane thing to do,” Xian said.

Prior to his Instagram post, Lim also ranted on his IG story about his experience with rude people in the industry and how passionate he is with his craft.

“Sometimes, I question myself why. Why put up with all the bullcrap people throw at you? Then I realize, we all need a couple of bumps in the road, little trips, bruises and scratches to help us become a stronger, wiser person.”

“I work on my craft every single day. I OBSERVE. I AM WILLING TO LEARN. I am PASSIONATE at what I do. I DO NOT do it for the money. Honing my craft is my life. It is part of my blood. It is a part of my DNA to give it to my 1000x percent. That is more than what you could ever ask for.”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview by Leo Bukas for PUSH, Xian also answered questions about being demanding when it comes to his roles.

According to Xian, he’s really meticulous when it comes to doing roles that is why he asks so many questions. But he differentiated it from being pure demanding.

“I think, being an artist, dapat naman talaga na matanong kami. I mean, for me, matanong po talaga ako na tao. Mademand? I don’t know kung ano pong klaseng demands yan. But I mean, I don’t see it in the negative light.” he said

“Hindi naman po sa mademand ng project, I think in defense to being ma-demand, being actors, being artist, we always want a venue to express our artistry, so dapat lang talagang maghanap kami ng venue to be able to act – to be an actor you have to act. Makuwestiyon? Makuwestyon talaga ako. Tatanungin ko bakit gagawin ito ng character ko, anong motivation ng character ko. Yes, matanong po ako,” Xian explained.

Asked if it is really not true that he has attitude problem, Xian clarified that he is not “pasaway”.

“Ang dami po kasing ibig sabihin ng attitude, pero wala, hindi naman po. I mean, kung in a negative way, hindi po ako nagpapasaway kung yon ang ibig sabihin ng attitude problem. Ayoko naman pong maging pasaway especially now na alam ko na ang pakiramdam being behind the camera, and yung mga hirap na pinagdadaanan ng mga tao sa production,” he said.

Xian is currently busy with a lineup of projects which include the films Untrue and Love the Way You Lie, a new teleserye with Kim Chui Love Thy Woman, and his directorial debut, Tabon.


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