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GMA Network’s ‘The Better Woman’ continues to lag behind rival, registers lowest rating

  • The Better Woman keeps losing against The General’s Daughter.
  • The Better Woman is affecting pre- and post-programming.
Kapuso teledrama The Better Woman has recorded its lowest rating since its premiere.
Based on the latest numbers from AGB NUTAM People ratings for July 15 to 17, 2019, the Derek Ramsay-Andrea Torres sexy drama registered its lowest rating on Tuesday, July 16 getting only 6.1% ratings, 9.5% lower than its rival The General’s Daughter which got a ratings of 15.6%.
With this kind of performance, The Better Woman is also affecting the ratings of its pre- and post-programming.
Sahaya keeps on lagging behind FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano with significant margins. From Monday to Wednesday FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano continues to dominate its timeslot beating Sahaya 16.4% vs 10.9%, 17.0% vs 11.0% and 16.9% vs 10.1%.
Sino Ang May Sala? has also spiked beating Kapuso rival and The Better Woman‘s post program Love You Two. From being neck-and-neck in the past weeks, Sino Ang May Sala? has picked up in the ratings game leaving Love You Two with sizeable margins.
From tied ratings on Monday at 6.9% each, Sino Ang May Sala? edged out Love You Two by 2.2% at 8.8% vs 6.0% on Tuesday, and a much bigger gap of 5% on Wednesday at 10.6% vs 5.6%.
The Better Woman‘s poor showing in the ratings game has sparked speculations of premature ending.
Currently, the teledrama has already unleashed its story twists with the revelation of Elaine’s past and her traumatic experiences. Elaine family also had their awaited reunion.
Here’s the comparative ratings from NUTAM People Ratings from July 15-17, 2019.
(July 15, 2019) (Monday)
Kapuso Movie Festival: 4.4% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 7.7%
Eat Bulaga: 6.6% / Dragon Lady: 6.1% vs. Its Showtime: 6.0%
Bihag: 6.7% vs Kadenang Ginto:10.1%
Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 6.1% vs. Los Bastardos: 6.1%
Sahaya: 10.9% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 16.4%
The Better Woman: 8.1% vs. The General Daughters: 12.0%
Love You Two: 6.9% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 6.9%
Ruler of the Mask Pilot: 4.0% vs. PBB: 4.2%
(July 16, 2019) (Tuesday)
Kapuso Movie Festival: 4.4% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 7.9%
Eat Bulaga: 6.6% / Dragon Lady: 6.7% vs. Its Showtime: 6.3%
Bihag: 7.5% vs Kadenang Ginto:10.4%
Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 7.3% vs. Los Bastardos: 6.3%
Sahaya: 11.0% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 17.0%
The Better Woman: 6.1% vs. The General’s Daughter: 15.6%
Love You Two: 6.0% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 8.8%
Ruler of the Mask: 4.0% vs. PBB: 6.4% 
(July 17, 2019) (Wednesday)
Kapuso Movie Festival: 4.4% vs Nang Ngumiti ang Langit: 8.4%
Eat Bulaga: 7.2% / Dragon Lady: 7.2% vs. Its Showtime: 7.0%
Bihag: 7.6% vs Kadenang Ginto:11.0%
Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 7.7% vs. Los Bastardos: 5.7%
Sahaya: 10.1% vs. Ang Probinsyano: 16.9%
The Better Woman: 6.9% vs. The General’s Daughter: 16.2%
Love You Two: 5.6% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 10.6%
Ruler of the Mask: 3.7% vs. PBB: 7.5%


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