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Does Pilita Corrales hold a grudge against former daughter-in-law Lotlot De Leon?

“As a grandmother parang I also feel na I have the right. But I just said ‘that was very wrong Janine’… And she accepted it.”

Lotlot De Leon chose to let bygones be bygones about her issues with her former other-in-law Pilita Corrales.

However, is Pilita still holding a grudge against Lotlot?

It can be recalled that the “Asia’s Queen of Songs” reprimanded granddaughter Janine Gutierrez over a tweet against Senator Bong Revilla Jr.

In a phone interview with Lolit Solis, Pilita revealed that she tried to convince Janine that it was wrong to express negativity for an actor who is trying to regain his acting career, pointing out that she must show respect to a veteran actor.

Entertainment journalist Solis, who is also Revilla’s manager, had belittled the young actress and sarcastically remarked if Janine ever had a blockbuster movie or TV show like Senator Bong.

However, Lotlot, the mother of Janine snapped back and vented out her frustration and disappointment over the attack on her daughter.

In her posts, some netizens agreed with Lotlot and even commented that it should be the mother lecturing her daughter, and not the grandmother, or anybody else.

In a recent interview, Pilita was asked for an opinion regarding the matter and her ‘right’ to educate the members of her family, especially her grandchildren.

She said: “As a grandmother parang I also feel na I have the right. But I just said ‘that was very wrong Janine’… And she accepted it.”

The 80-year old iconic singer also remarked that she has the right to comment because she is the grandmother, however, she’ll shut her mouth if the mother does not like what she does.

“She’s also my granddaughter. And I can comment. But if the mother didn’t like na pagsasabihan ko sila, they’re always with me. So kung meron silang ginawa, I have the right naman to tell them ‘That’s not right, do something’ ‘di ba? Pero kung ayaw niya di wag. Di nalang ako magsalita,” she said.

As the interview went on, Pilita admitted that she felt offended by what happened.

“Of course na ooffend ako, pero I’m only a grandmother. Although the kids grew up with me and with Monching because they were separated, hindi ako nagagalit as kanila or everything, they have their father there. Pero pag may nakita ako na its not [good], I tell them. But I tell them in the very nice way. Ngayon kung hindi gusto ng mga nandun sa labas, wala akong magagawa. I’m just doing my duty.

“I keep on telling Janine and even Monching and all of them, ‘You’re in showbiz. This is a different business, you have to be very careful of what you say, what you do, everything.’ You have to be, because when you’re in showbiz pick up na agad, wala na, andyan na. But I say that because of my experience.”

However, Pilita clarified that she knows her boundaries as a grandmother and even encouraged her grandchildren to always put their mom first before her as she is only a second mother.

“I always tell them, your mom is there. She’s still your mom and will always be your mom. Ako, ano lang ako. Second lang ako, if you need my help then I’m there. If not, nandiyan naman yung nanay nila.”

However, regarding her issue with Lotlot, the iconic singer seemed to be holding something back.

“I did what my duty was. She’s my grandchild and I’ll tell her if she’s wrong or she’s right pero kung sasabihin nya sakin na ‘ I will fight with her’, No, I will not. Too many things have happened already, too many painful memories already. With the children, that’s enough. We will never forget the things that happened.”


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