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Kapuso stars David Licauco and Manolo Pedrosa continue going to the gym even during COVID-19 lockdown

David Licauco and Manolo Pedrosa chose to continue going to the gym amidst the threat of COVID-19

  • They believe that keeping themselves healthy by working out can help them have a stronger immune system.
  • They always sanitize the gym equipment before using it.

Most people prefer to stay at home as advised by the government to avoid getting infected with the novel coronavirus. But some still want to stick to their regular routines, like David Licauco and Manolo Pedrosa who continue going to the gym to work out since they think it will strengthen their immune system.

Since the gym is said to be one of the hotspots for the virus to be easily be transmitted, they always sanitize the gym equipment before using it. Trainers have also wear masks for the prevention of the possible transmission of the virus. To keep one’s body healthy, exercise is not enough. It needs proper food intake and enough sleep.

An article in states that going to the gym can be risky for virus transmission because the virus can be transferred via the equipment.

“The possibility of the virus living on weights or mats makes the gym a risk for transmission.”

According to Tara Smith, a professor of epidemiology at Kent State University, they should wipe down the equipment before use with an approved disinfectant.

“I study MRSA (a bacterium that can survive on surfaces) so I always wipe off equipment both before and after using it because you never know if the person ahead of you did a good job, but now is a good time to be extra careful about thorough cleaning.”

She also recommends maintaining the six-feet apart social distancing from others as the virus keeps on spreading.

“I think individuals may want to consider any aspect of how they go out in public during these times, both for themselves and the rest of their community, particularly vulnerable individuals.”

Ad of now, President Duterte enhanced the community quarantine in Luzon as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

“I am placing the entire mainland of Luzon under quarantine until April 12, 2020 coinciding with the entire end of the Holy Week. Let me make myself clear, this is not martial law,” President Duterte said in a public address.

Enhanced community quarantine means “absolute lockdown” or “total lockdown” which was immediately effective. Establishments that offer basic services and goods are allowed to operate.

“It means that all persons will be subjected to strict home quarantine, no movement and no transportation, except only for frontline health workers, authorized government officials, medical or humanitarian [reasons] as well as transport of basic services and necessities,” Panelo said.


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