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Celebrities and netizens rage over Sam Morales’ alleged catfishing stories

Netizens were infuriated by Sam’s actions and her disregard for other people’s emotions.

The name Sam Morales trended on Twitter due to a long thread created by Jzan Tero. Jzan is a transwoman from Cebu who became a victim of Sam’s catfishing schemes.

Netizens were infuriated by Sam’s actions and her disregard for other people’s emotions.

Celebrities and other personalities expressed their anger with Morales. People like Benedict Cua, Chie Filomeno, Ivan Dorschner, BJ Pascual, Mimiyuuh, and Janine Gutierrez were appalled by Sam’s manipulativeness.

Benedict Cua, a social media influencer, firmly believes that Morales should pay for her wrongdoing, while Chie prays that Tzan will recover soon.

As per BJ Pascual, the incident happened to Tzan is something you’d see in a Netflix crime drama, while Ivan Dorschner can’t wait for Tzan to heal soon and regain the courage she used to have.

On a serious note, Mimiyuuh advised the fashion industry never to hire Sam Morales as the latter deserves to suffer.

Aside from celebrities and personalities, ordinary netizens are asking for companies to boycott Sam who is a multimedia artist.

When Tzan bravely shared what happened to her, other victims of Sam came out to tell their own stories.

The Story

Tzan is a transwoman residing in Cebu and currently an interior design student. She was the 12th victim of Sam Morales. Tzan and Sam who pretended to be a guy named Bill met on Tinder and started to exchange texts until they engaged in a long-distance relationship. Bill promised to meet Tzan in Cebu and sell his condo unit in Manila so he could move there,

It was much much later when Tzan learned that it was Sam who was manipulating the whole “relationship” from the beginning. Sam excused her actions by saying she was only seeking revenge for being bullied by gay people when she was much younger.


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