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“May tshirt ba pag leftist ka para sure?” Alessandra de Rossi blasts Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s kill order on troublemakers during crisis

Alessandra de Rossi questioned kill order by the President.

Actress Alessandra de Rossi is saddened by another ‘kill order’ by the President.

On Twitter, Alessandra, or Alex, was saddened by the President’s speech which made mention again of killing, this time against protesters who were driven by their hunger.

Alex’s reaction came after the President’s latest pronouncement warning the leftist groups and anyone who will cause trouble in this time of crisis to shoot them dead.

“I am addressing the left na ‘yung pambabastos ninyo ‘yung slamming about the distribution. Remember kayong mga left: You are not the government. Naintindihan ninyo ‘yan?.

“Huwag ninyo akong takutin ng gulo-gulo kasi kung gusto talaga ninyo ng gulo, guguluhin natin ang bayan natin tutal wala pa namang pagkain. Kung gusto ninyo nung barilan, eh ‘di sige. Gusto ninyo ng pukpukan, sige. I will not hesitate.
“My orders are sa pulis pati military, pati mga barangay na pagka ginulo at nagkaroon ng okasyon na lumaban at ang buhay ninyo ay nalagay sa alanganin, shoot them dead. Naintindihan ninyo? Patay. Eh kaysa mag-gulo kayo diyan, eh ‘di ilibing ko na kayo. Ah ‘yung libing, akin ‘yan. Huwag ninyo subukan ang gobyerno kasi itong gobyerno na ito hindi inutil,” he continued.kayo nasa gobyerno and you cannot be a part of what we are planning to do for the nation,” said Duterte.

Some DDS netizens blasted Alex over noncomprehension of the President’s latest speech saying it is not intended for all people but only for the leftists.

However, in response to one of the netizens, Alex effectively conveyed the real point of the critics.

In a reply to a netizen, Alex who clearly knew what she’s talking about can only utter “Wag ako”.

She also added in another response to a netizen, how can you identify leftist from ordinary dissenters?

“May tshirt ba pag leftist ka para sure? Baka magkalituhan. May color coding ba dyan?”


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