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Ogie Diaz chides Mocha Uson over distressed OFWs

Ogie Diaz called out Mocha Uson anew.

Host-comedian Ogie Diaz has called out Mocha Uson again, this time about the distressed OFWs at the quarantine facilities.

In a tweet, Diaz said those OFWs who are stuck in the quarantine centers for weeks should be Mocha’s focus and priority instead of other things not related to her position as OWWA official.

“Dapat, eto yung mga tinutulungan ni Mocha. Owwa deputy director siya, di ba?”

Ogie’s tweet was in reaction to Raffy Tima’s report about pregnant OFWs who are staying at the Bago Bantay quarantine facility for three weeks now while waiting for their COVID-19 test results.

“These OFWs, all pregnant and staying at a quarantine facility in Bago Bantay Quezon City have yet to receive their covid test results, save for two, almost three weeks after they were swabbed. The two who got their e-certs were allowed to leave, the others still waiting,” tweeted Tima.

Meanwhile, several netizens have shared Ogie’s sentiments about the issue.

One netizen even revealed how Mocha seemingly ignored them until Duterte issued a directive to OWWA to do everything they can to address the OFWs concerns.

Aside from the Bago Bantay facility, OFWs in other quarantine centers have also experienced similar problems. An OFW from Kuwait was reported to have committed suicide at one of OWWA’s quarantine facilities.

This is not the first time that Ogie Diaz has called the attention of Mocha on social media.

In February 2020, Ogie slammed Mocha for accusing ABS-CBN of releasing propaganda to gain sympathy from people with regards to its franchise renewal.

In reply, Ogie asked Mocha to show the list of her accomplishments in OWWA instead of focusing on ABS-CBN which is not related to her work.

Mocha then taunted Ogie with her reply saying she understands that it’s part of the comedian’s job to create gossip and intrigues.

To which Ogie retorted by saying Mocha thrives in spreading fake news.

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