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“Pag hindi celebrity, ignore lang?” Netizens call out Meralco for quickly responding to Richard Yap’s complaints

Netizens lambasted Meralco for giving a fast reply to a celebrity’s complaints while theirs was ignored

Many netizens lambasted Meralco or the Manila Electric Company for quickly responding to a celebrity’s concern online.

Netizens found this unfair as they also aired their complaints about their electric bills but they failed to get any reply.

It was on Monday, June 22, when actor and businessman Richard Yap complained about the doubtful increase of their electric bill for the previous month. Despite paying regularly, Yap said their household bill multiplied three times which amounted to P55K.

“A lot of people have been complaining about their @meralco bill. Instead of billing the average of 3months they have been multiplying our bill 3x. How did our bill end up this big when we’ve been paying our monthly bills?” Yap wrote.

A few minutes after his post, Yap got a reply from Meralco.

“Let’s check on that, Richard. Kindly provide thru DM your Service Identification Number or Registered Name and Service Address indicated on your electric bill for our reference. We will be waiting,” Meralco responded.

Yap gained sympathy from the netizens who also shared the same problem with him. But many agreed that it was unfair when popular celebrities get instant feedback while the concerns of ordinary consumers are just ignored by the electric company even for weeks.

Here are some of the reactions of the dismayed netizens:

“Pag nagtweet ka sa kanila, sasabihin send daw ng dm. Pag nag dm ka naman di sumasagot, sumagot man sobrang tagal, auto reply pa. They’re hopeless”.

“Buti pa dito sumasagot ang @meralco. Pag hindi celebrity, ignore lang?”

“Ako po may DM pakisagot po kasi 2mawag na rin ako sa hotline n’yo wala daw available na CS. Kailangan ko lang po ng explanation bakit lumobo sa 14k bill nmin. Nag email na rin po ako pero wal pang reply.”

“Wow! MERALCO, when public figure voice out. YOU immediately responded meanwhile normal people neglected! Amazing MERALCO! AMAZING! Face vomiting.”

“Mabuti pa ang Artista nireplyan agad #junkmeralcobill ibalik sa gobyerno ang Meralco!”

“Buti pa sa ‘yo nagreply — sa ‘kin waley. Kailangan ata artista — grabe, ganyan talaga sila walang basehan. Hula hula lang sobrang singil nila parang 5x pa!”

“He just posted 20hrs ago and i complain almost 3weeks ago and you don’t have any response yet. Face with raised eyebrow.”


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