HONNE releases new MIXTAPE ‘no song without you’

HONNE have released ‘no song without you’ – a brand new 14-track mixtape out now via Tatemae Recordings / Atlantic Records HERE.

HONNE have released ‘no song without you’ – a brand new 14-track mixtape out now via Tatemae Recordings / Atlantic Records HERE.

It lands as the band’s first new material since acclaimed 2018 album, ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’ and follows the release of lead single and title-track, ‘no song without you’, in June, which formed a heart-warming window into a sound HONNE have been experimenting with since the turn of the year. The track’s memorable animated video, created by revered illustrator Holly Warburton, has already racked up over 1.5 million views in a matter of weeks.

Written between LA and their new studio in Hackney, East London, ‘no song without you’ sees HONNE strip everything back, pick up their acoustic guitars and channel the psychedelic, infectious, care-free romanticism of the ‘60s and bands like The Beatles. “It’s ok for things to sound a bit rough”, the duo explain, “rather than going into the studio and compressing guitars over and over. The more character that you leave in it, the more the listener can dive in.”

Hopeful in its outlook but tender and heartfelt in its conception, it signposts a fresh new sound for the duo, inspired by their desire to continue evolving and experimenting; “We’ve never wanted to rest on our laurels”, say HONNE. “We want to keep evolving and never want to stay in the same lane.”

Signing off on a poignant note via closing track ‘smile more smile more smile more’, HONNE also hope the mixtape will provide a dose of much-needed positivity and remind people to cherish in both the people and the world around them. “Don’t dwell on Instagram“, conclude the band. “Put down your phone and see the world through your own eyes.“

‘no song without you’ is out now:


1. dear P
2. no song without you
3. free love
4. iloveyoumorethanicansay
5. by my side
6. la la la that’s how it goes
7. one way to tokyo
8. can’t bear to be without you
9. loving you is so easy
10. s o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g
11. lines on our faces
12. gone gone gone
13. our love will never die
14. smile more smile more smile more


London duo Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher – better known as HONNE – have cultivated a huge and fiercely dedicated global fan base since the release of their critically-acclaimed debut LP, ‘Warm on a Cold Night’, in 2016. Boasting over 150 sold-out shows outside of the UK, collaborations with everyone from Tom Misch to BTS and over 1.2 billion global streams, their music is deeply emotive; from the glistening, sugar-coated highs of international hit ‘Day 1’, to the heartache and angst played out on ‘Sometimes’ – both standout cuts from 2018’s sophomore record, ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’. Laying themselves bare in their songs, HONNE are hyper-connected with fans both in the UK and all over the world – in 2018 alone, they played a sold-out Brixton Academy for the first time, embarked on an extensive, 26-date US headline tour and saw ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ officially certified as 6x Platinum in South Korea.


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