Carmina Topacio releases new single ‘Awit Ng Mithi’

“Pinay Youtube Sensation” with more than 6 millions streams releases her new single

Pinay YouTube Sensation Carmina Topacio —who has already accumulated more than 6 million streams on YouTube —has recently released a new single Awit ng Mithi which is the first original song she wrote in Tagalog. This is the third single she released this year along with “By My Side” and “Guilt Stricken”, all original compositions.

Carmina’s music was aired on the radio Jam 88.3 and she guested on Boys Night Out Magic 89.9 and StarFM Bacolod. Her song “Guilt Stricken” was added to an Official Spotify Playlist: Fresh Finds Philippines and stayed there for 4 weeks.

She was also featured in several blogs and shows this year: When in Manila (one of the top blogs in the Philippines), Manila Concert Junkies, OO NA! with Oscar Oida (GMA News Reporter), “Letters and Music” NET25, IndieTV and many more.

“Awit ng Mithi talks about love fading over time. Because sometimes, feelings change, or at least for one person. It talks about longing for a relationship to go back to the start, when things were good.” said Carmina on the meaning of the song. “It talks about wishing for love to be found again from the partner who changed and does not seem to be around anymore. I hope that by sharing what I wrote, people would feel that they are not alone in this experience and that they can find comfort in knowing that.”

Another thing that makes this song special is that it was produced via exchanging files online due to the quarantine.

Carmina is going to reveal a Homemade Music Video for “Awit ng Mithi,” which she shot and edited herself. By doing this, she wishes to showcase her craft as an independent artist. At the same time, representing the essence of the song which is about an individual person wishing for love to return.

A truly sensational artist, Carmina started her YouTube channel at the age of 17. She started posting cover songs then eventually shared her original compositions.

She sealed her status with the success of her cover “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold which has over 3 million views on YouTube and “Eyes on Me” by Faye Wong (in the style of a music video) with 1 million views. Her most popular original song was “I don’t want to love another” which was well loved by her fans as several of them made their own covers of the hit song on YouTube. Other than that, you will see a couple of fan-made videos and pages for her.

Carmina was also awarded as #3 Most Subscribed Musician (Philippines) and #15 Most Viewed (Philippines) on YouTube and featured twice on the frontpage of Yahoo! Philippines back in 2010 and was one of the Top 10 Video Searches.

She performed and was interviewed at the famous radio show Boys Night Out Magic 89.9 with DJ Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni and guested on Television at QTV with celebrity hosts Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesnt.

Not only is she known in the Philippines, but she also has a number of fans from Indonesia and fans from other countries as well such as the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and more.

What makes Carmina truly stand out is her genuineness and kindness to her fans which is why she has loyal followers. On top of that, she creates all her own content: from songwriting to recording and editing her videos, promo photos, album artwork, blog posts, Mixtape series on Spotify, and even her own website. Everything is DIY and all for the love of music.


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