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‘Fake News Peddler’ Salvador Panelo exposed, netizens react over his claims being a sham

Government officials should NEVER lie.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo recently claimed that Vice President Leni Robredo boarded a government-owned C-130 when she went to the Bicol region to provide relief to those affected by the recent typhoons.

Adding to the accusation is that the plane was carrying relief goods from the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana even backed up Panelo, even releasing a receipt showing that Robredo used the C-130 to distribute relief goods.

However, these claims were debunked. As the VP’s spokesperson Barry Gutierrez stated last Tuesday that Panelo should get his facts straight. He said, “It’s sad that Vice President Leni is helping those affected by the typhoon and floods and instead of support, defamation, and lies are being thrown. What are they? Public servants or trolls?”

Adding to that, the Vice President mentioned Panelo stating, “I just called out Sec. Panelo for peddling fake news. I am also calling out whoever peddled the fake news to the President, kaya ganito siya ka pikon. I never said ‘Where is the President’? You can review all my tweets.”

As a result of Panelo’s misinformation, President Rodrigo Duterte threw a tantrum during his address to the nation last Monday. Unfortunately, all his rants were in vain as his anger was caused by Panelo’s hoax tactics.

Even if Panelo and Lorenzana apologized, the damage has been done, Duterte already lambasted the Vice President. As a result, celebrities and netizens turned to Sec. Panelo for whispering fake news into the president’s ears.

Actor Enchong Dee claimed that Panelo, who is the legal advisor of the President, couldn’t even do simple fact-checking and is an embarrassment.

In his tweet, he said, “One of the responsibilities of a public official is to make sure they’re fact-checking their information, most specially if you are a legal advisor. You are an embarrassment Panelo.”

Former PTV-4 host Jules Guiang aired his disgust on how low some officials of Duterte could be. He tweeted that someone reported inaccurate information to the president—Salvador Panelo.

He tweeted, “May maling bumulong na naman kay Duterte. He just called VP Leni a liar – ‘incapable of truth’ for allegedly saying that he wasn’t there during the aftermath of the typhoon. It was Filipinos who called you out. You’re just insecure because of her proactive leadership. Bullshit.”

Journalist Jamaine Punzalan tweeted that Robredo’s camp wanted Panelo to get his facts right.

She tweeted, “VP @lenirobredo‘s camp tells President Rodrigo Duterte’s legal counsel Salvador Panelo to ‘get his facts straight’ after accusing the Vice President of ‘free-riding’ on govt typhoon efforts.

Mike Navallo even tweeted that the Vice President emphasized that she never asked for the whereabouts of the President and refuted the claim of Panelo that she was using a government plane to distribute relief goods.

In his tweet, he said, “Robredo on Tuesday called out Chief Presl Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo for calling her a freeloader claiming she used a govt C-130 plane to Catanduanes. 100% false, she says. In 2016, she was removed from Cabinet based on false info she joined an anti-govt rally.”

Twitter user @sleepyjian_ tweeted, “Salvador Panelo – Chief Presidential ‘SULSOL’ Counsel. Sksksk.” This is in relation to Panelos act to incite hatred from the President to Robredo.

Some netizens were mad at Panelo for spreading fake information.

Twitter user @Cypher06535117 even called the chief legal counsel stupid.

The netizen tweeted, “Bobo mo talaga tanda #SalvadorPanelo Lahat ba ng nasa Office of the President ganito kabobo? #oof‘.”

Some even said that Leni was not the freeloader but Bong Go, who always accompany Duterte anywhere he went.

@rryyyaaaannnn tweeted, “Sal, if there is someone that is to be accused of “free-riding” by using a gov’t plane, that’s Bong Go not VP Leni. Are you that blind to not see how Go takes advantage of almost all the resources of the Executive branch as well as Military all while denying he’s a rubber stamp?”

As the President ranted during his address to the nation, he was also furious about Robredo looking for him as Typhoon Ulysses ravaged the Philippines. However, such claims were also not true as the Vice President did not look for him nor said anything in particular that she was searching for the President.

Journalist Prinz Magtulis backed the Vice President saying that Robredo never issued a statement looking for the President. It was the people who used the hashtag to trend on Twitter.

“Vice President Leni Robredo never issued a statement looking for the President when typhoon Ulysses struck. The people did, prompting the hashtag to trend on Twitter. Malacanang did not issue a statement on Ulysses until 9 a.m. in the morning after the devastation,” he tweeted.

Mike Navallo even fact checked the truth based on Leni Robredo’s tweets. In his tweet, he said that the Vice President never looked for the President as the typhoon-ravaged the country.

“FACT CHECK: VP Leni Robredo never implied the President was missing during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses. #NasaanAngPangulo trended online because social media users were asking for the President’s whereabouts before and during the typhoon, as has happened before.”

Even Francis Baraan IV did not believe that Robredo was looking for the President. It was in fact the Filipinos who were looking for Duterte. He considered the claim as fake news.

In his tweet he said, ?Duterte now claims that Robredo was looking for him during typhoon Ulysses. FAKE NEWS — NEVER HAPPENED. VP Leni was too busy helping the people to even think about where some inutile, nincompoop egomaniac is. HINDI SI LENI ANG NAGHAHANAP KAY DUTERTE, KUNDI LAHAT NG PILIPINO!

Even Fact-check PH discredit the claim of Panelo stating that there was no record from the

DJ Cha Cha, a radio host tweeted, “Wala pa rin ba yung group chat? Ako na mag-a-admin para di’ kayo magulo diyan,” after Panelo later on withdrew his claims against Robredo as well as the claim by people that he is a fake news peddler. She even jokingly volunteered to create a group chat for these fake news peddlers so that they’ll have a consistent statement.

As both government officials apologized for spreading misinformation, some netizens applauded that the two officials apologized although did not appreciate Panelo’s apology.

@SyLicoNgaAko said, “We ought to respect Lorenzana for giving light to this incident which probably led to the meltdown of the president. Lorenzana apologizes for what he called as a “mistake.” I just can’t say the same thing for Sal Panelo whose intention we know is to malign the VP and sow divide.”

However, Panelo, even apologizing still blamed Robredo for showing like she’s the only one working.

“I apologized to her, which means we welcome her efforts. I’ve always told Robredo na maganda ginagawa niya, tuloy mo yan. Ang problema lang, wag yung ‘pag lumalabas siya eh parang siya lang yung nagtatrabaho,” he said.

@HeySyao tweeted the apology of Panelo with a hint of blame.

As a result of the misinformation, the President had a meltdown threatening Leni Robredo that if she runs for President this 2022, he will be her nightmare.

President Duterte said, “Next time, do not make a mistake or I’ll be forced to insult you because you are playing too much. Nagpapa-beauty ka. It’s not the time for you… When you start your campaign pag magtakbo ka ng presidente, waswasan kita nang husto. This is your nightmare.”

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