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  • Zeinab Harake, to bring her children away from the Philippines

    Social media star Zeinab Harake revealed her plan on September 13 to have her children live a life outside of the Philippines after experiencing a traumatic relationship. Harake recently split with rapper Skusta Clee after discovering that he was cheating on her. It was committed whilst the social media personality was pregnant with their child […] More

  • Janelle Tee entered the sexy route to become a serious actress

    Janelle Tee during the press conference for her Vivamax movie The Escort Wife on September 13 clarified her intent to become a serious actress someday. She began thanking Viva’s big boss, Vic Del Rosario for trusting her in doing sexy projects for Vivamax. “Sobrang grateful ako actually sa family ko sa Viva, especially kay Boss Vic […] More

  • GMA Executive explains the reason behind GMA Synergy; what to expect in the coming NCAA Seasons

    Oliver Victor Amoroso, the Head of GMA Regional TV and Synergy explained in an interview on September 13 why the Network’s collaborative channel was called “Synergy.” Synergy is responsible for handling the Network’s initiatives like live and virtual reality concerts. It also manages GMA Network’s sports programming, covering for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) […] More

  • YouTuber Zeinab Harake reveals the reasons for her happiness

    Zeinab Harake is now living a happy life after experiencing a traumatic experience with her previous relationship, as she shared the things that make her smile. On September 13, Harake, a mother of two, said that the number one reason for her joy is her kids: Bia (1) and Lucas (5). Also, she’s happy seeing […] More

  • Janelle Tee feels her family still cannot accept her as a sexy star

    On September 13, Vivamax talent and Miss Philippines Earth 2019 Janelle Tee believed that her family is still mad with her decision to enter the entertainment industry, let alone become a sexy star. The former beauty queen shared during the Escort Wife press conference that she has yet to talk to her parents about her choice to […] More

  • Zeinab Harake gushes over Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, Piolo Pascual

    On September 9, Zeinab Harake got excited about the possibility that she would be working with celebrities like powerhouse couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, as well as Piolo Pascual in representing the cosmetics brand Beautéderm. During the company’s 13th anniversary celebration, the social media star was introduced as the newest face of the product […] More

  • For Zeinab Harake, no more second chances for cheating partners

    After a traumatic relationship, on September 15, the YouTube star Zeinab Harake warned women to be extra careful in giving chances. “Sa mga kababaihan na naka-experience ng naranasan ko, number one talaga ‘wag kayong magpapaabuso. Kapag ginawa na, tama na. Ako po kasi, ginawa na sa akin ng ilang beses. Pero dahil mahal ko, paulit-ulit, […] More

  • Zeinab Harake, uncertain whether to pursue showbiz or not

    Despite having the looks to become an movie or TV star, social media star Zeinab Harake on September 13, shared that she’s unsure about entering showbusiness. The YouTuber has received numerous offers since starting her vlogging career, including movie parts and becoming a talent. However, she said she wanted to “stay in her lane,” for […] More

  • Michael Copon dedicates his career to producing Filipino movies

    Filipino-American actor Michael Copon on Monday, August 8, said he would be “honoring” his Filipino heritage by starting to make Filipino-centered films. His upcoming movie, 1521, will be his first offering. It is in collaboration with Francis B. Lara Ho of Inspire Studios. During the media conference of the film, Copon, who will portray the […] More

  • Rhen Escaño becomes emotional as she talks about her acting career

    Sexy star Rhen Escaño became emotional on Monday, August 22, as she talked about her career goals as an actress, hinting that such a topic had a sad story. During the story conference for her upcoming mini-series, The Secrets of A Nympho, Escaño revealed that she had been in the entertainment industry for ten years. “Para […] More

  • Beauty Gonzalez to retire at the height of her career

    Retiring at the peak of her career was the plan of Beauty Gonzalez, which she revealed on September 9, during her launching as the newest endorser of Beautederm. Her decision to quit during her prime was to have “no regrets.” “If ever I retire, I want to be retiring at my peak. I don’t want […] More

  • Sexy star Ayanna Misola encountered more maniacs than nymphos

    On Monday, August 22, Vivamax’s sexy star Ayanna Misola revealed that she has yet to encounter a nymphomaniac but has always experienced getting harassed by maniacs. Misola started her sexy career in 2021, having been part of the supporting cast in Darryl Yap’s Pornstar 2: Pangalawang Putok. Come 2022, the sexy actress managed to land […] More