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10 Reasons ‘Coming Home’ is worth watching

Catch ‘Coming Home’ and cry alongside your family on December 25 via Upstream.

‘Coming Home’ is an official entry for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2020. It is a typical Filipino drama movie that would leave everyone in tears.

But what separates this movie from other Filipino drama movie that we have seen?

Here’s 10 reasons.

A story of reconciliation

The movie is as heartfelt as any good Filipino drama movie due to its very compelling story. ‘Coming Home’ tackles the story of Filipino families who were able to reconcile after going through so much. It is not just an ordinary story as it is based on real life events of how forgiving Filipinos can be and that many will be able to relate to such plot. The film really showcased the core values of Filipino families.

Award-winning director Adolfo Alix Jr.

You know it’s good when the one directing the movie is an award-winning director. The movie is directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. who won several awards such as Best Picture in his work Alamat ni China Doll, Best Production Design in Kalayaan, Best Short Film for his Kinabukasan, and many more.

The director also explored the different possibilities of how a Filipino drama could be. And ‘Coming Home’ is one that would really touch the hearts of viewers as it tackles the possibility of reconciliation in a Filipino family.

A different twist

In typical Filipino movies where the husband has a mistress and will fight for him or try to destroy his family, the movie takes on a different route as the husband in the movie played by Jinggoy Estrada is returned to his family by his mistress played by Ariella Arida. Imagine the pain and trauma that his children would endure finding their father who abandoned them return home because his lover doesn’t want him anymore.

A movie that OFWs can relate to

This movie is perfect for Filipino families to watch especially those who have a member who is working abroad. ‘Coming Home’ is a tribute to OFWs and speaks of the reality of those Filipinos working overseas. It also features how OFWs are very prone to temptation which is realistic in its own right as many workers abroad enter into relationships despite having a family of their own.

Real-life portrayal of Filipino siblings

The movie also showcase what kind of relationship most Filipino siblings have—complex. The Librada siblings Ned (EA Guzman), Yuri (Martin del Rosario), Enji (Jake Ejercito) and Sally (Shaira Diaz) perfectly described\ the relationships of Filipino siblings perfectly that Filipinos can surely relate to.

Chance to re-evaluate Filipino values

The movie features a great story which would make viewers wonder about the core values of a Filipino family. The film is a good way to assess those values of Filipinos seeking greener pastures where before, parents would stay at home and work in the Philippines. As to now, more and more FIlipinos go abroad to work and leave their children in the care of relatives. According to its director, the story of OFWs is such an ironic one due to their line of work where they care for somebody else’s child whereas they can’t take care of their own family.

Variety of generation of stars

The movie’s cast is as complete as it gets. Jinggoy Estrada, who plays the prodigal husband is a seasoned actor who is recognized for his acting, bagging him the FAMAS Best Actor award for his role in “Katas ng Saudi” (2007). Sylvia Sanchez, who plays the forgiving wife also is a veteran actress who won several awards including a FAMAS Best Supporting Actress for her movie ‘The Trial’.

They are also supported by a formidable ensemble led by award-winning actors Martin del Rosario and Edgar Allan Guzman, Jake Ejercito, Shaira Diaz, Vin Abrenica, Jana Agoncillo, and Julian Estrada, together with Smokey Manaloto, Samantha Lopez, Almira Muhlach, Luis Hontiveros, Alvin Anson, Chanel Morales, and Orlan Wamar, with the special participation of Geneva Cruz.

A former actor returns to acting

This will be Jinggoy Estrada’s first movie after so many years of being a politician. Estrada who had retired from showbiz, returns once again on the big screen to play the husband of Sylvia Sanchez in the movie.

Ariella Arida’s first-ever movie

Watch out for this movie as it will be Ariella Arida’s first big screen appearance. The Miss Universe 3rd-runner up is playing the mistress of Jinggoy Estrada in this heart-wrenching film. Arida’s talent in acting will be showcased in the movie and viewers should anticipate how good of a ‘mistress’ she will be in movies.

Some of the cast can relate to the movie

Not only viewers can relate to the story of the movie. Also some of the actors who play different roles can understand the situation that ‘Coming Home’ is describing. Actresses Sylvia Sanchez and Shaira Diaz were both abandoned by their fathers who were OFWs. So expect that these actresses will channel their experience to give life to their characters.

This drama film follows a woman’s struggles to fix the broken ties of her family when she brings home her husband who had abandoned them to be with his mistress. Catch ‘Coming Home‘ and cry alongside your family on December 25 via Upstream.


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