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‘Voltes V: Legacy’: What the Latest Teaser Trailer Is Telling About the upcoming GMA Network Series So Far (and some interesting Easter eggs)

Fans were quick to spot iconic Voltes V items in the newly-released teaser trailer, but there maybe more that skipped your attention

GMA Network definitely took the social media by storm when it dropped its latest teaser trailer for its highly anticipated adaptation of the classic ‘70s anime, Voltes V.

The teaser provided some fascinating hints about the live adaptation and fans are surely screaming at the top of their lungs on seeing iconic items and scenes that will definitely bring fans nothing but that nostalgic feeling.

The one-minute teaser proved to be top-notch in terms of visual effects, but fans are somehow left hanging, with many vague clues given, and the names of the actors to play the lead characters still remain undisclosed. That being said, there are certainly a couple of things we learned about this adaptation. We try to spot as many scenes and items as we can, and among them are the following:

The Boazanian Empire’s Skull Ship

The Boazanian Empire Skull Ship | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

The teaser offered a glimpse of the Boazanian Empire’s iconic horned skull ship which houses its armed forces (consisting primarily of beast fighters). The opening scene of the teaser reveals the ship approaching the Earth, which suggests that an invasion is inevitable and imminent.

Voltes V Headquarters, Camp Big Falcon

Camp Big Falcon serves as Headquarters for Voltes V | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

The fans are also given a look at the iconic Camp Big Falcon which serves as the base camp for the Voltes V ships and its members. In the teaser, Voltes V ships are being launched from the camp, which may mean the pilots are off to a war (most likely against Boazanians). The formidable defense fortress takes the shape and form of a falcon, whose frontal compartments are distinctly labeled with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, corresponding the ordinal numbers of the Voltes V members.

The Majestic Volt Cruiser

The Volt Cruiser departs from the Camp Big Falcon | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

An immaculate shot of the legendary Volt cruiser is offered to the viewers. The red Steve Armstrong-piloted sky fighter is soon seen blasting away, with its blazing jets, from the Camp Big Falcon, alongside the other four members of the Voltes team.

Steve Armstrong and the Legendary Chant

Steve Armstrong stands before the Volt Cruiser as it readies for launch | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

While the identity of the actor who will play the Voltes team leader has yet to be revealed, the teaser already excited fans with the brief shot of Steve Armstrong, whose face is still hidden behind his helmet. He then leads Voltes team’s charge with the legendary ‘Let’s Volt In’ chant. Rumors suggest that one of Miguel Tanfelix, Royce Cabrera, and Ruru Madrid may be the ones tapped to play the role, but we really don’t know.

The Voltes Team and the Iconic V Formation

The Voltes Team charges in V formation | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

The Voltes team—consisting of the Volt Cruiser, the Volt Bomber, Volt Frigate, Volt Lander, and VoltPanzer—is also shown doing the iconic V formation, with the ships piloted by the five members of the team forming a V pattern as they charge against the Boazanians. This formation is a classic Voltes V scene and will surely be a regular feature in the upcoming live TV adaptation.

Voltes V vs Beast Fighters

The super robot Voltes V in an attacking stance as it confronts a Boazanian Beast Fighters | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

A seemingly grand face-off is seen taking place at a city’s business district between the super robot Voltes V and a beast fighter. The scene also showed the urban landscape the war is being waged in, and the inordinate destruction it caused. Voltes V is a super robot which is formed whenever the five members of the Voltes team volt in, following Armstrong’s legendary chant ‘Let’s Volt In!’

Votes V Unleashing the Sword of Heaven

The legendary Sword of Heaven is unleashed by Voltes V | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

During the final frames of the clip, Voltes V donning the legendary laser sword is also shown. Stored on the chest, its unleashing summons lightning and enhances its power. Should the Philippine adaptation pay reverence to its source material, the sword of heaven is also capable of releasing electromagnetic balls that can hold Voltes V’s targets in place.

Possible Setting of the Story

The presence of Japanese scripts in this battle scene suggests the adaptation isn’t set in the Philippines | Screengrab: GMA Entertainment Youtube Channel

This may be just a temporary slip (by the editor), the presence of billboards and signage with Japanese scripts during a duel between Voltes V and a beast fighter, in the middle of an already wasted city, suggests that the events of the adaptation are to take place in a Japanese setting. Although that sounds preposterous, given that Filipino actors, speaking Tagalog lines, are to star in the series. That being said, the possibility can’t be ruled out, as an official full trailer has yet to be released.

Voltes V: Legacy is set to debut on GMA Network’s Telebabad very soon. Watch the teaser trailer below:


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