What the Shift to Online Learning Could Mean for Working Professionals

More working professionals have taken advantage of OEd’s convenient online study platform. (Photo sourced by OEd)

January 2021— Despite the economy opening up after months of strict quarantines across the country, many companies are opting to continue the work-from-home setup for their employees. The education sector took this same approach, with many institutions shifting to online learning to ensure educational continuity and the health and safety of students and faculty.

OEd, the country’s first institution to offer full online degree programs and a member of AMA Education System (AMAES) noticed how this development influenced a significant trend among its enrollees.

“There was an uptick in professionals enrolling in short courses and post-graduate programs. Reasons for enrollment mainly centered on taking advantage of our full online education offerings. Those who have been putting off continuing their studies now have a convenient method available to them,” said Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, Vice Chairman and CEO of AMAES.

The transition from the physical to a virtual classroom provides an opportunity for professionals to fulfill goals of continuing development by taking short courses or post-graduate degree programs. As sheltering-in-place is the current normal, barriers such as long commutes and going to different locations to attend classes are eliminated.

Even before the pandemic, OEd has been a platform for professionals to take courses fully online. It’s proven to be effective as last year, a total of 162 graduates, including candidates for Bachelor’s and Master Programs hailing from 18 countries have benefitted from distance learning through OEd.

“In the past, some might have been dissuaded by barriers such as distance and time to pursue further studies. With the need to stay at home for health and safety reasons, professionals now have the unique opportunity to take steps for a better future by taking short courses or post graduate programs online, and we encourage them to start their journey with OEd,” said Aguiluz.

Professionals who are interested in taking short courses or postgraduate programs on OEd must first register through its website:

Once qualified, they can then choose from a variety of short courses that include ones in the fields of communication, finance, the arts, and information technology. Those looking to take post graduate degrees in the fields of business, education, and information technology also have a variety of options to choose from.

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