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After Derek Ramsay’s confirmation on his relationship with Ellen Adarna, he admits having no closure with Andrea Torres

When asked if he and Andrea already had a closure, Derek said, “I think that will come with time, but definitely no hate, no regrets.”

After admitting his most recent relationship with Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay revealed that he did not have closure yet to his previous girlfriend, Andrea Torres.

Derek and Ellen became open about the ‘real score’ between them in an interview with PEP on February 26.

Derek said, “May relasyon kami, oo. It’s not a normal relationship.”

“We just really are enjoying each other’s company.”

In the latest YouTube vlog of Pops Fernandez, where Derek was a guest, the actor talked about his previous relationship with Andrea Torres.

“We have no hate towards one another. I don’t think so. I don’t think she hates me and I definitely don’t hate her and her family,” he explained.

“We were together for over a year and it was very sudden. When the breakup happened, it came out of nowhere. It kind of blindsided me.” 

Derek and Andrea were together for a year before they broke up in November 2020. They worked together in the Kapuso series The Better Woman (2019).

When asked if he and Andrea already had a closure, Derek said “I think that will come with time but definitely no hate, no regrets.”

The 44-year-old actor detailed that his breakup with Andrea came as a mutual decision.

“It was both of us. We ran across a little problem that became something much bigger and I guess we both realized that it was something na both of us cannot make certain adjustments to,” he said.

Before Derek and Ellen admitted their relationship to the public, they have already been spotted hanging out together through their social media posts. The actor was also seen spending time with Ellen’s two-year-old son, Elias.


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