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Boy Abunda’s one-on-one interview with VP Leni Robredo dominates Twitter, YouTube

VP Robredo had a total command of the social media site, Twitter, during the airing of Boy Abunda’s one-on-one interview on her, last night, January 26. The said interview sent no less than five topics to the site’s Philippine trends list, with the hashtag, #LeniAngatSaLahat topping both the Philippines and worldwide trends, overall. Other topics like #LetLeniSpeak, Tito Boy, VP Leni, and #LeniMatapang all made it to the Top 10 list, in the Philippines.

The presidential aspirant’s interview sent multiple topics linked to Robredo on top of twitter’s worldwide trends list. It also garnered millions of views on YouTube, a few hours after it got uploaded.

Other topics like #LetLeniSpeak, Tito Boy, VP Leni, and #LeniMatapang all made it to the Top 10 list in the Philippines.

Supporters and critics bombarded the platform with both praises and criticisms on her answers to Boy Abunda’s questions asked her.


The Vice President was largely lauded for her clear, honest, and eloquent answers, on various issues she was asked to comment on, including her take on the West Philippine Sea territorial dispute, the government’s COVID-19 response, rape-linked abortion cases, the proliferation of cyber pornography in the Philippines, and Duterte’s drug war.

There are also critics who gave constructive criticisms on her stances. Of course, the trolls unsurprisingly didn’t take a day off, as they are also present on the platform to do their work.

On YouTube, the interview was unable to beat the previous record set by Bongbong Marcos’s interview, which surpassed 300,000 concurrent live viewers during its airing, a day earlier. Robredo’s interview, however, managed to gather more than 250,000 simultaneous live viewers or 50,000 short of beating Marcos. After just 10 hours since upload, Robredo’s interview garnered at least 2.5 million views. 

Of course, that does not translate to votes, but it kind of gives you an idea of how tight the competition is between the two; and there are still a few months left, to flip things over 

One of Robredo’s most interesting, and probably, most brow-raising statements during the interview, are the answers she provided when asked why the other four candidates (Pacquiao, Lacson, Moreno, Marcos) do not deserve the Filipinos vote.

The most controversial of those statements, of course, is the ‘…kasi sinungaling siya (Marcos) comment, which practically made the former dictator’s son’s zealous supporters go ballistic online. 

Marcos’s camp also issued a statement to disprove the Vice President’s words, although netizens provided some interesting exhibits to prove otherwise. 

You be the judge.

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