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  • ‘Tahan’ director, producer reveal plans to submit Vivamax movie to film festivals

    On July 15, Tahan Director Bobby Bonifacio and Mentorque Productions producer Bryan Diamante revealed their plans to submit Tahan to film festivals. At the media conference for Tahan, Bonifacio cited that there are film festivals that accept movie entries from streaming platforms. “May mga film festivals din po kasi na allowed din po na maisali […] More

  • Sanya Lopez remarks she’s open to doing Book 3 of ‘First Yaya’

     On July 22, Kapuso star Sanya Lopez remarked that she’s open to doing the Book 3 of First Yaya.  At the media conference for her single Hot Maria Clara, Lopez revealed she has been receiving questions from her fans about the third installment of the beloved Kapuso series. “Marami po ang nagre-request ng Book 3 […] More

  • No more ‘He’s Into Her’? Showrunners confirm the fate of the show

    On July 7, Kapamilya director Chad Vidanes and He’s Into Her writer Vanessa Valdez confirmed the fate of the popular teen show.  During the media conference for the He’s Into Her’s finale trailer, Valdez verified that ‘as far as she knows,’ the second season of the beloved series would be its last. “As far as […] More

  • Quinn Carillo recalls the true-to-life inspiration for ‘Tahan’

    On July 15, Viva artist-writer Quinn Carillo recalled the true-to-life inspiration behind the psycho-thriller Tahan.  At the media conference for Tahan, Carillo clarified that she based Tahan on a story of someone she knew who got sold when they were eleven years old.  “Hindi naman po siya like a personal story of mine, but I […] More

  • Sanya Lopez reveals her plans to go to the GMA Thanksgiving Gala solo

    On July 22, Kapuso star Sanya Lopez revealed her plans to go to the GMA Thanksgiving Gala solo. At the media conference for her single Hot Maria Clara, Lopez jested that she would be looking for a date at the Kapuso event while crediting the designer who made her dress for the gala. “:Pupunta po […] More

  • Katrina Dovey voices her thoughts on sex education, condoms in school

    On July 9, Katrina Dovey voiced her thoughts on sex education and condoms in school. During the media conference for the remaining episodes of High On Sex, Dovey highlighted the benefit of having open communication between parents and children on top of sex education in school. “Kasi, in High School and Grade School, actually. I […] More

  • Jamilla Obispo discusses her transformation in her recent Viva projects

    On July 21, Viva artist Jamilla Obispo talked about her transformation with her recent Viva projects. At the media conference for the Vivamax original series Wag Mong Agawin Ang Akin, Obispo compared her recent change as an artist to a butterfly’s evolution from a cocoon. “I think hindi ko naman siya sinasadya na gawin, through […] More

  • Kate Valdez begins working on new series, starts lock-in taping for ‘Unica Hija’

    On July 20, Kapuso star Kate Valdez began working on her latest Kapuso series ‘Unica Hija.’ Through her Instagram story, Valdez signaled the beginning of their locked-in taping for her role in the upcoming GMA Network production. Valdez wrote, “”Day 1 lock-in for Unica Hija,” on her IG story.  During an interview, Valdez admitted feeling nervous […] More

  • Cloe Barreto compares her role in ‘Tahan’ to the killer doll Chucky

    On July 15, Viva artist Cloe Barreto compared her role in Tahan to the horror icon Chucky. At the media conference for Tahan, Barreto said she felt shocked to see herself and associated her portrayal of her role with the killer-doll. “Nagugulat lang po ako na ang ganda kasi. Sabi ko nga po kay Direk, […] More