“Sunday All Stars” launches Jeric Gonzales, Abel Estanislao and Jak Roberto as boyband ‘3logy’

GMA Network’s Sunday musical-variety show will be launching Jeric Gonzales, Abel Estanislao and Jak Roberto as their newest boyband named ‘3logy.’ I don’t know who conceptualized this, if this is a serious group or just for fun for the show. All I can say is goodluck.

Jeric Gonzales is a product of the artista-search “Protege Season 2” while Abel Estanislao and Jak Roberto came from late-Saturday variety show “Walang Tulugan.” Jeric, Abel and Jak are all under the care of GMA Artist Center.


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Maybe the creator think that ‘3logy’ will be “Sunday All Star’s” answer to “ASAP’s” ‘Gimme 5’ led by John Bermundo, Joaquin Reyes, Brace Arquiza, Grae Fernandez and Nash Aguas.

Well, let’s just wait and see until they launch ‘3logy’ this afternoon.


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