LionhearTV (Lion-Heart-TV) is one of the country’s leading local celebrity and entertainment blogs.

Since October 2008, the 24/7 LionhearTV has aggressively been bringing and breaking news in the local entertainment industry for the interest of Filipinos everywhere. With its stories and interviews, introduction of new music and celebrity fashion, special event coverage, reviews of local and global pop culture, and, soon, the first-ever RAWR Awards to recognize local artists while giving back to the fans at the same time, LionhearTV is a place and space for all Filipinos everywhere to get their daily fix of what’s going on in the entertainment world.

Lionheartv 2014

Local and International Recognition

After just seven years of going active, LionhearTV has already established itself in the Filipino space, both locally and internationally as a recognized celebrity and entertainment blog.

Based on network analytics alone, LionhearTV has a reputable following in the Philippines (350,000+ page views), United States (28,000+ page views), Canada (10,500+ page views), and several other readers living in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, and Qatar.

It has a strong Facebook following of over 770, 000 and, very recently, ranked third in’s Top 20 blogs for Celebrities and Entertainment in the Philippines. examines the growth of websites published globally, calculates online popularity based on access, and provides a ranking based on the category the blogs/websites fit.

2008-2014 Stats

2008 2014

2015 Stats

lionheartv 2015

A Place and Space for Local Discussion

Beyond the quantitative data and awards, however, the center of LionhearTV’s success as a blog has always been rooted in its readers, and its ability to provide an active space for them for lively discussion. LionhearTV takes pride in engaging online communities to be part of conversations about news stories and blog posts ranging from local celebrity news to global trends and issues.

LionhearTV has always believed in what the everyday reader can contribute, and has always been open to receiving input, help, or leads on stories. Readers are always encouraged to drop us their thoughts either by either by leaving a comment on a post, or contact us directly – email us at [email protected] You can also join us on Facebook – and Twitter – @LionHearTVNet.

It is to our readers we dedicate all our hard work and stories to, and we look forward to serving them more with each one we publish.

Read on, cubs!

PURPOSE: The purpose of this blog is to criticize the Philippine entertainment industry. And when I say criticize, it must not be curtailed by any vested interest and it gives its feedback – no holds barred. Feedback includes analyzing stupid storylines to laughable dialogues, special effects, and other elements in moving a story.

Let’s face it: the film and television are two powerful media. Of course, we know that misuse and abuse of power do corrupt.

MISSION: LionHearTV’s mission is to be the vanguard of ensuring not just the entertainment value of each show, but must make sure that these shows won’t hamper any growth of its intended audience whether foreign or local.

* Data on page views were conducted by Google Analytics, and as of August 2015.
* Award from

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