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WATCH: Lauren Murray pushes 4th Impact member

4th Impact fans and Filipinos all over the world are celebrating when the Filipino Group 4th Impact made it to the Top 5 of Xfactor UK on Sunday November 22, 2015 (Monday, November 23, 2015 for Philippine Time), but seems like one of the contestants Lauren Murray isn’t happy with the decision as she is caught on camera pushing a member of 4th impact when the said member tried to hug her.


The  4th Impact is composed of sisters Mylene, Celina, Irene and Almira Cercado and become one of the crowd favorites since the start of Xfactor UK Live shows. This week, 4th Impact once again survive the elimination rounds and were called “safe” after Lauren Murray.

Watch the video here and share us your thought.

It was when another contestant Louisa Johnson is called to be safe, the girls become excited and hug each other.

When one member of 4th impact went to Lauren Murray and tried to give her a hug, she unexpectedly resist and pushed her away.

Displeased fans of 4th impact started to bash Lauren Murray, but she quickly clear up the incident via Twitter post saying she love 4th impact.


The 4th Impact also defended Lauren Murray as they uploaded a Twitter Video with her asking their fans to stop bashing Lauren as she is their friend and they love her. They also said that Lauren Murray is just overwhelmed while cheering another contestant Che Chesterman and the pushing incident is really unintentional.


Do you think it was just an accident and purely unintentional?


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