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Gullible Filipinos fall on tampered headline saying “Daniel Padilla, Walang balak magpatuli”

When you share something that’s fake, it’s on you. 

This is obviously not true but because some of Filipino netizens are just using free facebook or just trolling, a malicious handiwork of these trolls will surely go viral in just minutes.

Rico Robles on Instagram was able to capture a screencap of a post on Facebook. “Trolls are sometimes entertaining ,Lakas makagago #ricochismoso”

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Rico Robles' screencap of Daniel Padilla's trolled article

We tracked down where this trolling came from and we found out that the tampered headline “Daniel Padilla, Walang balak magpatuli” came from the page Spongklong with over 49,000 likes on Facebook. The tampered headline about Daniel Padilla received 848 likes and 2,639 shares af of this writing.

Daniel Padilla trolled by Spongklong

It’s obviously fake. When you click on the link shared on this tampered article, what’s inside is totally different. The article is about the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte’s answer about his health. There’s nothing about Daniel here.

Daniel Padilla trolled by Spongklong

Unfortunately, there’s really a big problem on the Filipino netizens that needs to be addressed. The fake headline that used to be confined to a small space is now spreading like wildfire across Facebook and Twitter, and the line between what’s real and what’s not has officially been blurred.

Don’t be taken for a ride. And don’t look foolish. It takes just a few seconds before sharing to make a difference. There’s plenty of room for fun, but sharing fake content should never be a part of it. And too often we share without thinking or doing the tiniest bit of research into what we’re posting.

Cybercriminals know that Facebook news will work well on the network, just as news outlets do – but unlike news outlets, they can make theirs up.

A fair warning from Mike Planas

Mike Planas on Daniel Padilla


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