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10 Reasons Why “The Greatest Love” is Better than Some Primetime Series being aired today

‘The Greatest Love’ demands the greatest sacrifice.

The Greatest Love

ABS-CBN’s family drama “The Greatest Love” shows the value of a mother in this society. The conflict of having Alzheimer’s disease create how mind versus love contemplate the value and culture of this generation.

  1. Heartfelt Story

A Memorable story of a mother’s selfless love and her sacrifice just to restore her family dwell in the hearts of Filipino people. Every scene in this drama that reminds the viewers that Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) has an Alzheimer’s disease put on the edge of forgetting every memory that she has broken the heart of the viewers. It is hard to see that your memory will just fade away yet your heart still fighting rendering and treasuring the love that you had.

The Greatest Love 2 -- Reminds us to show our loved ones that we love and appreciate them (2)

  1. Reflection of the Society

In Philippine values, the orientation of respect is highly practiced yet this generation somehow neglects the relevance of this concept. We bound in the viewpoint of different thoughts and standards that kill our hearts’ merit. Reality bites, that because of those things we are dwelling on deceit that results to overtaking our elders and commit in some misconducts just to please people around you.

The Greatest Love 5 -- Brings together the country_s most promising actors (2)

We are in contrary to the ideal setup of perfect love and the perfect view of family. This is the chaotic world of people. We always put ourselves I the pedestal… and we forget the hardships of our parents.

  1. Imprint Message

This is a reality, we find hard to value and give thanks to a small doing of our mothers. We choose to say ‘I love you’ to our friends or partners yet a small ‘thank you’ for her will be taken for granted. YES! We often say I LOVE YOU.

The Greatest Love 1 -- Not your typical teleserye

The toughest thing is we do not appreciate the sacrifice but we overlook and mislead the love that they are exerting just for your happiness.

The bottom line, it is easy to say but it is hard to do… “Cherish the love and show your love.”

  1. Award Winning Actors

Sylvia Sanchez is a promising actress in her first lead role. She just acts naturally that your heart will breakdown as she starts to cry. She is an epitome of being a passion to this industry as she waits to this project. Effortless, she shows the true essence of being a mother.

The cast of The Greatest Love

In addition to her, the Kapamilya’s most talented actors, namely Dimples Romana, Andi Eigenmann, Arron Villlaflor, Matt Evans, and Joshua Garcia surely magnify your hearts with their performances.

  1. Remarkable Cinematography

The teleserye is divided in different point of views of family. The great thing about it, the director has the full concept of the art of the camera and how it will be a very symbolic to the storyline and to conflict of the story.

The colors and lights add up to the mood and emotion of the characters. The dimension of the knowledge of quality and quantity of the camera has been deployed to the artistry of the motion of characters. Indeed, the various techniques beautify the plot and the excitement of the viewers.

  1. Prodigious Directing

One of the impressive talents of the directors (Dado C. Lumibao, Jeffery Jeturian and Mervyn Brondial) of The Greatest Love is they are filled with unexpected scenes. They show the understanding of love against precious memories. In addition, the important the guidance of the parents in nourishing their children.

The Greatest Love main cast members Arron Villafor, Matt Evans, Dimples Romana, Sylvia Sanchez, Andi Eigenmann, Joshua Garcia, and Rommel Padilla with creative manager Ricky Lee (2)

Unconsciously, you can analyze that the value of building the identity of the children is important to his/her future. On the other hand, the plot is hard to predict and manifest the in-depth look and culture of the family in this generation. They really indulge in achieving their interpretation of the scenes.

  1. Masterpiece Screenplay

The script is well written in the soul, heart, and culture of Filipinos. In the dialogues of the characters, you will see the past, present, and future of the values of Filipinos.  Their views, actions, and perspectives are respected and are often leading indicators of acclaim script of the story.

  1. Wonderful World of Production Design

The mental images of the directors enhance its emotional dimensions to collaborate with the whole set. The style, time period, and representation of the characters are very expressive to add the significance of the scene in the message of the teleserye.

  1. Editing Prowess

Applause to the creative and technical part of ‘The Greatest Love’. The selection of shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture is a great skill. The visual effects in the eyes of the viewers have a great impact on controlling the storyline in their minds. Different emotions have been established as the transition of scenes progress. The advent of this craft is fully furnished to make the viewers empathize the characters.

  1. A Valuable Literature

This 21st century, we are looking for a different and one-of-a-kind literature that will sustain the undying high standards of this society. ‘The Greatest Love’ will serve as a classic teleseye of this generation. The connotation of Philippine teleserye in the afternoon will now move forward to the realistic and majestic artistry of drama that cultivates the figures of the film.

The Greatest Love -- A mother's heart never forgets

Thus, the romantic side of this teleseye will always remind us that love will not and never been forgotten.


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