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One K Global Peace—a concert that unifies K-pop fans

It has been a week since the new generation of K-pop groups performed in front of more than 10 thousand Filipino fans.

KBS Media didn’t fail to set Pinoy fans in enthrallment as they brought One K Global Peace Concert in Manila in partnership with All Access Production.

One K Global Peace Concert is not your typical Korean concert with aegyo-ing oppas and unnies.

The concert is part of the One K Concert Global Tour that showcases popular K-pop artists in a display of global commitment to the peaceful reunification of the Korean people and global peace.

one k concert

First half

BABYs went wild as B.A.P opened the show with the performance of “Skydive”, their 2016 song. The boy group also performed two other songs—“One Shot” (2013) and “No Mercy” (2012).

one k concert

I literally went crazy over B1A4 as they performed their catchy songs onstage. The boys sang their 2011 hit “Beautiful Target” and 2012’s “Baby Good Night”. They also performed “What’s Happening?”, a song from their 2013 album “What’s Going On?” before the concert’s intermission. Seriously, I lost a lot of my phone’s memory because of them.

one k concert


One K Concert then surprised the Pinoy fans when AOA’s Choah performed “You Are My Everything”, a “Descendants of the Sun” OST. She was followed by B1A4’s Sandeul to perform “Swallowing My Heart”, his OST from “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”. Then, B.A.P’s Daehyun and Youngjae sang “Paradise”, one of the famous OST in the country, thanks to “Boys Over Flowers” that captured the hearts of many Filipino.

one k concertone k concertone k concert

Second half

The only girl group on that night was AOA, but they didn’t disappoint their fans with their performance of “Miniskirt”, a 2014 hit. The ladies introduced themselves by aegyo-ing in front of fans. Their latest catchy song “Excuse Me” became my favorite that night as they performed it with eye-catching moves. Finally, the performed their Gaon number 2 single “Heart Attack”.

one k concert

The boys of BtoB followed AOA as they performed “Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)”, their 2016 hit single, to open their performance. They then sang their 2014 song “Beep Beep” and “WOW”, one of their few songs in 2012.

one k concert

Boice and K-drama fans could not contain their excitement after boy band CNBlue appeared onstage. I was starstruck with Yonghwa, the band’s vocalist, and also the main character in the hit series when “Heartrings”. He sang “Can’t Stop”, their 2014 song of the same album, as the other members played their respective instruments. The roaring of fans continued when he brought the rest of the band on the frontal stage. They then performed “You’re So Fine”, a 2016 hit and a song from their album “2gether”, “Cinderella”.

one k concert

The presence of SHINee had almost raze the MoA Arena by the earsplitting screams of thousands of fans watching them. The boys of SM Entertainment started by performing their 2015 Gaon number 1 hit “View”. It was followed by another number 1 hit song in 2013 titled “Everybody” and their latest hit “1 of 1” from their album “Odd”. Unlike the previous performers, SHINee performed four songs. They had left their fans in astonishment by performing “An Encore” at the encore.

one k concert

Special performance

Before the highlight performance of the legendary K-pop artist, the boys of BtoB, performed the legendary OPM hit “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar. Fans were amazed as they heard the boys singing in Tagalog. They were accompanied by the newest Toursim Promotions COO Cesar Montano by playing guitar while Eunkwang and Hyunsik were singing the hit song.

Grand finale

Finally, the man who cemented K-pop into international markets performed his legendary hits. Psy started his performance by performing his US Billboard number 5 hit “Gentleman”. He then performed his 2015 Gaon number 2 hit “Napal Baji” which made the fans wild. He then introduced his 2015 song “Father”, a promotional single to China, and his 2015 Gaon number 1 “Daddy”. Furthermore, Psy had not forget what Pinoy fans really wanted to see—his performance of his 2012 worldwide hit “Gangnamn Style”. He performed the song in the midst of the dancing crowd. This last performance for me was the only performance for that night that united every fandom as one.

one k concert

Goodbye stage

The concert ended after the last performance of B1A4, AOA, SHINee and BtoB as they sang the ‘global peace song’.

one k concert

The song was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the men behind Spice Girls’ “Forever”, Janet Jackson’s albums such as “Number Ones” and “All For You”and Mariah Carey’s “The Ballads” and “Rainbow” alongside many international artists.

You might be thinking it was just a dream but all these things happened in one single night. Thanks to KBS Media, ONE K Global Campaign Organizing committee and All Access Productions, the event became possible.

one k concert

Filipino fans will surely patronize One K Concert if they ever come to Manila next year.


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