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Sinon Loresca caught on fire after hitting his personal assistant

  • “King of the Catwalk” Sinon Loresca is in hot water after abusing his personal assistant physically.

  • A Facebook user by the name of Drew Farhad Fernandez posted a lengthy status update narrating how the ‘Eat Bulaga!’ star unapologetically assaulted his personal assistant.

When you frequently see someone on TV and on social media, it can be quite amusing when you get the chance to meet them in person. This is exactly what happened to Drew Fernandez except things took an unexpected twist.

In a recent Facebook update, he shared how admiration turned into loathing after seeing Sinon Loresca’s violent side.


Just like any other night out, it all started out as mere fun and games. According to Drew, they were only formally introduced to Sinon formally last night. Sinon arrived at around 12 midnight together with his transgender friend who turned out to be his personal assistant (PA).

At 1 am, their group decided to check out another bar in Ortigas. Upon arriving, things were still pretty okay. However, things started to get shady after Sinon twisted his PA’s wrist. Drew and his friends dismissed it at first, thinking it was an accident.

But it did not end there. Not so long after, they saw Sinon violently hitting his PA’s head and pull her hair down for no reason. Drew’s partner, Farhad, tried to tell Sinon off but his only response was ‘Why should I apologize to her, she is just my maid? I am a celebrity, I can do whatever I want and you cannot do anything about it.”

To make the situation worse, Sinon also physically assaulted Farhad.

Here’s Farhad’s full post:

““Why should I apologize to her, she is just my maid. I am a celebrity, I can do whatever I want and you cannot do anything about it.”

30 December 2017

I realized that it wasn’t the best way to end the year when I was sitting at a police precinct in Pasig City filing a police report for an assault done by Sinon Loresca (aka Rogelia) early this morning, 30 December 2017.

I am very disappointed as I was a big fan of Sinon – especially for his confidence and his ability to show to people that there is nothing to be ashamed about being gay, and instead it should be celebrated. However, I have met the real Sinon last night – beyond his usual pasarela – someone we should not be proud of in the LGBT community.

Despite seeing him a lot on TV and social media – we were only personally introduced last night. We were at a bar in Makati with some of our friends, where he joined our table. We arrived there around 11.30am or 12 midnight and stayed there for an hour. It was fun. At around 1.00am, we decided to go to another bar in ortigas. Our friends and Sinon took one car, whilst my partner and I took our car.

Sinon joined our group with his transgender friend, she was very nice to us. Later on we realized that she was his PA. We started to notice though that Sinon was very not treating her very well. I personally saw her sitting down in pain because apparently Sinon twisted her wrist. I initially thought it was just an accident and therefore offered to put some ice on it. I took some cubes of ice, placed it in a tissue paper and gave it to her. I then stood up and went back chatting to my friends. Things seemed to be normal and ok.

A few minutes after, we all saw Sinon hitting the PA’s head and grabbing her hair down for no reason. You can clearly see that she was hurt and extremely scared, leaving her in tears. Everyone in the group saw it and we were all shocked. My partner Farhad immediately went to Sinon and told him off that what he has done is not ok, and therefore he should either apologize to her or leave our table. Sinon violently replied, “Why should I apologize to her, she is just my maid. I am a celebrity, I can do whatever I want and you cannot do anything about it.” He refused to leave and became violent. He started attacking my partner by hitting him, pulling his shirt and scratching him deeply around his shoulders, neck and chest. Immediately after the incident, the securities took him out of the club. That’s the last I saw of him.

After a few minutes, we can no longer enjoy the night given what has happened and clearly my partner was in pain – so we decided to join our friends outside who were smoking to say goodbye and leave.

While we were outside, we saw Sinon’s PA hiding behind a car and crying. When we approached her and asked her, she said that she was afraid that Sinon would beat her further when they go back to the apartment where they both lived. She once again showed her wrist that was in pain and spoke that this is actually normal in the last few months – that Sinon is naturally violent. My heart broke when she said its ok because she has no money and was relying on this job and has no other place to go, so she is willing to risk her safety. We offered help – anything we could to to make her safe – but she insisted that it will just cause her more trouble and she still needs to get her belongings etc. I gave my number and said that she can reach us whenever she felt unsafe or she needs any help.

With my partner in tears, we drove off the club back to our home in Makati. We spoke about how life is unfair in the Philippines and how low is it when you see a member of the LGBT community assaulting another while driving home. We then realized that this is not right so we turned around and went back to Pasig City to file a police report.

As proud members of the gay community, as a couple, and most importantly as gay parents, we think that it is very important for us to do our part in keeping our community safe and educating others where possible. Regardless whether you are a man, woman or transgender, rich or poor, popular or not – no one has the right to abuse you, ever!”

As of posting, Sinon has yet to give out his statement on the incident.


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