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Sinon Loresca explains his side on physical assault allegations

  • Earlier today, a Facebook user by the name of Drew Fernandez narrated how he experienced violence from Sinon Loresca.

  • A few hours after, Sinon Loresca responds to the Facebook post claiming that there is no truth to the allegations and that it was simply a misunderstanding.

Hours after he was caught underfire for alleged physical assault allegations. Sinon Loresca shares his side of the story through a video posted on his Facebook account.

In the said video, Sinon narrates his side of the story – how they were hanging out at the bar and things took an unexpected turn. According to Sinon, he was slightly drunk but he remembers everything. His assistant, Nadia, was also in the said video.

Sinon reiterates that what Drew witnessed happening between him and Nadia was misinterpreted. He pointed out that he does not hurt Nadia physically, that it is how their ‘lambingan’ is and that he knows he has no right to hurt other people.

Sinon became recognized as the “King of the Catwalk” in GMA Network’s noon time show, Eat Bulaga. Drew Fernandez has yet to comment again on Sinon’s clarifications.

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