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Jake Cuenca admits he pursued Alessandra de Rossi on his first year in showbiz

  • Jake Cuenca revealed that he used to pursue a romantic relationship with Alessandra de Rossi.
  • However, they treat each other as siblings now.
  • They revealed that their past partners used to cheat on them with each other.

In the Tuesday episode of Magandang Buhay, Jake Cuenca admitted that he used to court Alessandra de Rossi. However, Alessandra uncovered a secret about the said courtship. They also shared a story which strengthened their friendship.

Jake started to share that he put a brave face on then started courting Alessandra.

“Aaminin ko noong first year ko sa showbiz…. Kakapasok ko lang ng show na ‘yon at kinapalan ko ang mukha ko na liligawan ko si Alessandra de Rossi.”

Then, Alessandra countered that he courted three girls at the same time.

“However, tatlo kaming nililigawan. Tatlo ‘yon. Ako talaga may issue ako sa younger, kahit nga one year younger, kahit months lang younger sa akin talagang hindi ko type.”

They reasoned out why they never really dated. Jake shared that he sees Alessandra as a sister. However, Alessandra thinks of Jake as a baby brother.

Jake and Alessandra also shared a story about how their 15-year friendship strengthened. Their partners both cheated on them with each other. Jake also relayed that he called Alessandra to tell her.

“Tumawag ako sabi ko, ‘Alex, may kasamang babae ‘yung boyfriend mo.’ Sabi niya, ‘Sinong babae yan?’ ‘Yung girlfriend ko. At ginamit niya pa ‘yung kotse mo para sunduin ang girlfriend ko.”

Jake also added that the girl hadn’t agreed to be his girlfriend yet.

“Actually hindi ko pa naman girlfriend ‘yung girl na ‘yon, nililigawan ko pa lang naman. Pero siyempre masakit sa akin ‘yon kasi nililigawan. Tapos sasabihin ko ba kay Alex ito? Pero best friend ko si Alex so I had to be, kailangan kong sabihin ang totoo.”


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