BY THE NUMBERS: How ABS-CBN and GMA Network fared in TV Ratings in 2017

  • AGB Nielsen NUTAM counts viewers from selected urban areas only
  • Kantar Media releases daily and monthly ratings coming from urban and rural Philippines

Philippines’ archrival networks ABS-CBN and GMA Network are both claiming wins in the ratings game for the year 2017.


According to the data released by the two TV stations using two different survey agencies, they are both claiming lead in audience share for the full year 2017.

Citing data from Kantar Media, ABS-CBN said they lead the TV ratings war by 12 points against GMA Network, 46.0% vs 34.0%.

Meanwhile, using data from AGB Nielsen, the Kapuso Network claimed lead in 2017 with total audience share of 42.5%, 5.8% higher than ABS-CBN’s 36.8%.

ABS-CBN also revealed that their primetime block scored the highest in 2017 with 50.0% ratings compared to GMA Network’s 32.0%.

Geographically, the two are also split as they both proclaimed win in different areas of the country. For Balance Luzon ABS-CBN posted 48.0% vs 36.0% and 42% vs 36% in Total Luzon while GMA Network shared its Urban Luzon and Mega Manila ratings of 48.8% vs 31.0% and 51.9% vs 26.7% respectively.

But aside from the full year, how did the two fare per month?

Based on LionhearTV’s collection of their monthly data from AGB Nielsen and Kantar, ABS-CBN wins Kantar Media while GMA Network leads AGB Nielsen.

From January 2017 to December 2017, GMA Network dominated the monthly ratings table of AGB Nielsen with February 27 having the highest difference or gap 47% vs 29%. September 2017, on the other hand, had the least or smallest gap of 3%, 42% vs 39%.

If GMA Network dominated AGB Nielsen’s monthly ratings board, ABS-CBN takes Kantar Media table.

The Kapamilya network conveniently led Kapuso month over month since January 2017. ABS-CBN posted its highest monthly average in September 2017 47% vs 33%. Meanwhile, its lowest was recorded in April 43% vs 34%.

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