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“Contessa” copycats “Wildflower,” “The Count of Monte Cristo?” Glaiza de Castro differentiates “Contessa” to other revenge-themed shows

  • Glaiza de Castro’s “Contessa” is now a top-rating series among Kapuso dramas
  • The series was criticized as just a copycat to the “The Count of Monte Cristo” and “Wildflower”
  • Glaiza explained that her character is different from Ivy Aguas, but the story is similar to the “The Count of Monte Cristo”

Glaiza de Castro is proud of how the ratings of her current show “Contessa” go sky high. The story talks about a woman who was imprisoned for a crime she did not commit.

We find this plot very familiar in today’s shows. “Contessa” made it particular to the classic story of the “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the character of Maja Salvador in “Wildflower.”

Is GMA running out of original ideas? Here are the reasons why we say so.

The Count of Monte Cristo Story

Other than the title suggesting that it is literally based on the “The Count of Monte Cristo” novel and movie, the storyline is almost a copycat in every corner – only she’s a girl.

The story of Edmond Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo is all about an innocent man betrayed by his jealous best friend and was imprisoned in the most secured prison facility. While in prison, he was helped by a mysterious stranger known as “Priest” who gave him a treasure map of the legendary Monte Cristo treasures. He eventually escaped the prison and met a group of pirates. He went on a treasure hunt and instantly became rich. Then, he returned to his hometown, changed his name to The Count of Monte Cristo, and plots his revenge to every person involved in his imprisonment.

Coincidentally, Contessa has exactly the same story. Glaiza de Castro plays the role of Bea who was also wrongly imprisoned, helped by a mysterious stranger to escape, became rich, changed her name to “Contessa,” and exacts revenge.

Wildflower Personality

Glaiza’s character was also criticized by viewers as a copycat to Maja Salvador in “Wildflower.” A strong independent woman who also seeks revenge after being oppressed by a rich family.

However, Glaiza insisted that the characters are different. “Although parehong may element of revenge, I think ‘Contessa’ is more about woman empowerment, about seeking justice to correct what’s wrong and fighting for what is right,” she explained.

Still sound like Ivy Aguas?

On the lighter side, Glaiza shared that she has undergone a lot of physical makeover and training due to her transformation from the poor and innocent Bea to the strong-willed and vengeful Contessa.

“Unang binago is my looks, from my hairstyle and make up to my entire wardrobe,” she said.

“I also had to train physically for greater starmina dahil magkakaroon ng action scenes. I had to take martial arts training, then nag-target shooting din ako para matuto akong bumaril.”

Catch Glaiza de Castro as “Contessa” on GMA Network’s Afternoon Prime and Sabado Star Power.


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