Matteo Guidicelli talks about Sarah Geronimo after the Las Vegas breakdown

  • Matteo Guidicelli worries about not being with Sarah in Las Vegas
  • He assured that Sarah is now holding on well and happy
  • The couples are thankful for the support they received from their friends

Sarah Geronimo went emotional during her Las Vegas stop in her US concert. The actress admits in public that she is currently under a dilemma and feeling empty despite her promising career.

It was when she sang her anthem “Forever’s Not Enough” that she wasn’t able to help herself but cry and walked out from the stage. She wasn’t able to finish the whole performance. However, the fans understood what Sarah is currently going through and shared her sentiment.

Sarah is still in America to continue her “This 15 Me” 15th Year Anniversary Concert US tour, but what does her 4-year boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli has to say in all this?

Matteo released a statement during the blogcon of his movie “Single Single.” He stated that they already talked and that Sarah has now calmed down. “She’s very busy right now for her 15th year anniversary tour and she was tired from show to show so she had an emotional show the other night,” he said. “It’s just that I feel like I want to be there to comfort her in any way I can.”

Matteo even planned to take Sarah on a holiday trip when she returns to the Philippines just to ease her worries.

The young actor is also thankful for the support they received from their friends that helped Sarah recover. We’re all here, a lot of our friends and friends from the industry, of course, sends me text and I forward it to her,” he added.

He also posted an encouraging message on Instagram to his girlfriend captioned: “Keep walking, I’ll always be beside you. No matter what. I love you my love. And I miss you.”

Matteo reassured that Sarah is already okay and was thankful that she got some time to rest.



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