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Sofia Andres’ tweet on her film “Mama’s Girl” draws flak from netizens

  • Andres is glad that her latest film ‘Mama’s Girl’ is getting positive feedback.
  • Her film from Regal Films was uploaded on Facebook.
  • Sofia defended herself that she’s not into ‘piracy’ but she was simply being ‘appreciative’ of the good comments about her film.

Fresh from her controversial tweet that she’s too tired to be too nice that created quite a stir from online media who disproved her claims that she is nice because she isn’t really nice, in the first place.

Andres once again is being questioned about her latest tweet that said: “I have been getting positive comments about Mama’s Girl since it was posted on Facebook.

 “I am glad that you guys loved it like I was filming this movie. I hope you guys learned a lot from Abby.”


Netizens reacted that why is she being elated about her film being uploaded on Facebook, which simply suggested that the movie was illegally distributed on social media.

In short, being shown online without the proper licensed to exhibit it is considered ‘piracy’.

“”since it was posted on Facebook.” GURL THEY PIRATED THE MOVIE, WHY ARE YOU HAPPY HAHAHAHAH ewan ko na talaga sayo. pero okay”

To her defense, Sofia replied that she was just simply appreciating the good comments she and her film earned from those who saw it. That she can’t do anything about it anymore even if it’s uploaded, which to some thought it is okay for her or she condoned the idea of her film being uploaded illegally. As if she doesn’t care at all.

“we can’t do anything about it anymore. im just looking at the positive side & appreciate.”

In the mentioned film, she portrayed a spoiled brat woman named Abby. Towards the conclusion of the film, her character has a redeeming value though.

Sadly, the movie did not click and hit at the box-office during its run.

As of this writing, Andres’s character as Mayari in ‘Bagani’ has been axed for quite some time now.


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