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Too tired to be too nice? Sofia Andres gets her true colors exposed

  • Sofia Andres tweets about being “too tired to be too nice.”
  • Bloggers reacted negatively on the said tweet.
  • Photos and videos reveal how Sofia remains uninterested when being interviewed. 

It all started with Sofia Andres’ tweet on February 18, Sunday. In the said tweet she also wrote, “too tired to be too nice.” However, bloggers only recently expressed their dismay at the said tweet.

Their distress came from experience after experience of Sofia being too uninterested or cannot be bothered during interviews and conferences.

As of this writing, Sofia’s had already garnered more than 5, 500 retweets and 13, 000 likes. She has also published the said tweet in February 18, Sunday.

Mangyan Blogger quoted Sofia’s tweet and wrote that she was never actually nice.

“You were never nice to begin with. Goodluck!”

He continued to write his own observation and added that she always uses her phone and would even roll her eyes at reporters in front of her.

“You’re the only celebrity na humarap sa amin na mukhang hindi interesado sa Q&A, always holding the phone, and yes sa harap namin umiirap ka. Seriously?!”

Another blogger, Gracee Bongolan, quote the earlier tweet from Mangyan Blogger and added four clapping emojis on her tweet.

Another blogger, @brainyoreo, also quote the earlier tweet from Mangyan Blogger. He added a wide-eyed and fire emoji.

Jude Cartalaba took to Facebook to express his insight on the said issue. He attached a photo of Sofia’s tweet and wrote that Sofia only pretends to be nice. Jude also continued that she should behave appropriately when faced with reporters and bloggers alike. He advised that she should stop fiddling on her phone and making faces while in press launches.

“says this to #SofiaAndres: “You were nice? You were just pretending to be nice. But you were not ‘convincingly’ nice at all.

“Try harder. And please when you attend press launches behave appropriately. Stop fiddling on your phone and making faces. It just shows your true colors.

“Sana nga patayin ang karakter sa ‘Bagani’ ng maaga. Baka ikaw pa ang magda-drag pababa sa ratings nito.”

Comments flooded on Jude’s Facebook post. One of the comments came from Juan Lorenzo Marco.

“Hindi naman ata nakakapagod kung natural ka naman nice di ba? Lol.”

Another comment, then, came from Kurt Tamayo Urbanozo and dropped a name that can attest to Sofia’s inappropriate attitude and behavior.

“She was never nice. She’s matapobre and feeling privileged. So many people can attest to that. Like Drake Dustin Ibay and some of Sophia’s MUAs and stylists.”

Jude replied with:

“Hahaha!!! Lumalabas ang totoo!”

One blogger, Byx Speaks, had already replied to Sofia’s tweet in February 19, Monday. Byx asked Sofia, “Is this a joke?”

When other bloggers started to speak up against Sofia’s horrid attitude, he replied to Mangyan Blogger’s tweet. He also proceeded to tag Sofia on his reply.

“TAMA!!! @iamsofiaandres”

Bloggers don’t have anything against Sofia except for her attitude on press and blog conferences.

The photo below is a screenshot from Regal Entertainment’s video on YouTube. During the blog conference of her movie, Mama’s Girl, everyone can notice how she kept on looking down and fiddling with her phone.

The said movie stars Sylvia Sanchez and Diego Loyzaga.  One blogger also noticed how Sylvia would sometimes hold Sofia’s hand to refrain her from fiddling with her phone.

Another instance came from a video on YouTube. Random Republika published the video in January 7, Sunday. Sofia and Diego attended the Farewell Media Dinner of Pusong Ligaw. At the very start of the video, Sofia can be seen typing on her phone in front of the bloggers and press. Although she would answer questions, it is obvious that she remains uninterested.

Here is the video from Random Republika below:




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