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Juan Miguel Severo delivers epic burn vs. Sass Sasot’s comment to Kris Aquino

  • Sass Rogando Sasot slammed Kris Aquino for reacting to Mocha Uson’s post.
  • Mocha had involved Kris’ dead father, the late Senator Ninoy Aquino.
  • Juan Miguel Severo clapped back with a remark against Sass with his own.

Sass Rogando Sasot recently slammed Kris Aquino on getting triggered from many things. She also pointed out that Korina Sanchez had triggered the Queen of All Media. Then, Kris got triggered by Mocha’s post. She received negative comments from the said post.

Juan Miguel Severo also clapped back recalling the time Sass got triggered.

In a Twitter post, Sass wrote how Kris had to take a rest.

“Parati na lang siyang nati-trigger: Sa documentary ni Korina, sa post ni Mocha. You need to taka a rest girl.”

Juan Miguel clapped back with a remark on his own.

“Sabi ng na-trigger dahil hindi in-interview ng BBC. “

Netizens also reacted positively to Juan Miguel’s strike. One netizen joked that Juan Miguel just murdered Sass with his remark.

“Hello 911? I just witnessed a murder! “

Then, another netizen noted how the tea is scalding hot.


One netizen also added a photo of Sass bursting out on an international journalist after not interviewing her. The said photo also showed a conscious yet unresponsive Mocha.


Another netizen advised Sass to apply toothpaste to the place she had a burn.

“Hahahaha apply toothpaste to burned area”

One netizen also wondered that maybe Sass remains jealous on attention that Mocha gets.

“pansinin naman daw po kasi si tita @srsasot lage na lang si momi @MochaUson eh!”

Another hoped that Kris would just ignore how Sass sought attention from the Queen of All Media.

“Nanglilimos ng pansin kay Kris, sana deadmahin hahahha”



Written by Angela Baltan

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