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RELATIONSHIP FIRST: Celebs who set their differences aside

Aiai delas Alas VERSUS Kris Aquino

Aiai and Kris used to be so close. They also call each other, “friendship.” Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes became the way for them to reunite and set their differences aside. Kris became one of the wedding sponsor. Meanwhile, Aiai became a secondary sponsor for the DongYan wedding.

Andre and Kobe Paras VERSUS Jackie Forster 

After Jackie’s separation with Benjie Paras, Andre and Kobe’s relationship with their mother became estranged. After twelve years, they had reunited and became closer than ever.

Ara Mina VERSUS Cristine Reyes 

Ara and Cristine had a fight which ended up in court. Ara had filed a complaint of libel and grave coercion against her younger sister, Cristine.

Assunta de Rossi VERSUS Alessandra de Rossi 

Assunta had a relationship with Congressman Jules Ledesma which became the root of her rift with Alessandra and the rest of their family. Assunta’s family didn’t attend when Assunta had a civil wedding with Jules in 2002. In 2004, Alessandra became the maid-of-honor for Assunta’s church wedding with Jules.

Claudine Barretto VERSUS Jay Jay Barretto 

Claudine and Jay Jay had a huge public fight in 2013 when a letter became public where Claudine was being praised while Gretchen was being slandered. They took a photo together in 2017 eating at a restaurant.

Claudine Barretto VERSUS Mark Anthony Fernandez 

Claudine and Mark broke up a long time ago. However, they didn’t end the relationship in a good note. According to the actress, it got to the point that they had started hurting each other. After years, Claudine and Mark crossed paths at the office of Viva Entertainment. Claudine also defended Mark against fake news which surrounded him.

Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo VERSUS Katrina Halili 

Hayden and Katrina were involved in an issue regarding a leaked sex video. This caused a rift between the three. After seven years, Hayden, Vicky and Katrina had set their differences aside and forgave each other.

John Estrada and Randy Santiago VERSUS Willie Revillame 

John, Randy, and Willie used to be a host for a noontime show in ABS-CBN Corporation. However, the rift began when John and Randy accepted an offer to become hosts to another show. Willie went livid as he was in the process of making a show for the two of them on another network. They set their differences aside and reunited at John’s father’s wake.

Kakai Bautista VERSUS Ahron Villena 

The rift between the two best friends started when Kakai had fallen in love with Ahron. However, he sharply denied Kakai of a possible romantic relationship. Kakai and Ahron will now star in a movie together.

Marian Rivera VERSUS Katrina Halili 

An issue between Marian and Katrina blossomed when they played bida and kontrabida respectively in Marimar. However, it all went away when Katrina invited Marian as her daughter’s godmother. Marian also invited Katrina’s daughter, Katie, as a flower girl in her wedding with Dingdong.

Kim Chiu VERSUS Maja Salvador 

The bad blood started when Maja dated Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Gerald Anderson. They had rekindled their friendship after Maja broke up with Gerald.

Kris Aquino VERSUS Sharon Cuneta 

An issue blossomed between Kris and Sharon when the Megastar thought the Queen of All Media wasn’t following her on social media. However, Sharon had mistaken the Kris as the parody “Krissy.” When Sharon found out, she apologized to Kris.

Marian Rivera VERSUS Lovi Poe

According to reports, Marian had snubbed Lovi when they crossed paths. Marian was with Dingdong when it happened the first time. On the second time, Lovi was with Solenn and Marian had only greeted the latter. In 2015, the two had greeted each other with a beso.

Marian Rivera VERSUS Karylle

It became one of the biggest controversies when Dingdong and Karylle broke up and a romantic relationship between him and Marian had started. Marian and Karylle met each other at an event and greet each other with a beso.

Ruffa Gutierrez VERSUS Annabelle Rama

Most of the time, Ruffa’s love life becomes the cause of Annabelle’s grudge against her daughter. However, Annabelle remains a mother and would always forgive her daughter’s shortcomings.


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