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Myrtle Sarrosa lands on her very first major role – “Wander Bra”

  • Myrtle Sarossa to star in her own superhero fantasy-comedy movie “Wander Bra”
  • Being a superhero is one of Myrtle’s dream roles
  • She revealed that she will only be wearing a bra, skirt, and leggings

Myrtle Sarrosa, from being a former PBB Housemate to a renowned cosplayer to a calendar girl, has now emerged into a higher level. She is Wander Bra!

Myrtle will soon play a superhero role in her upcoming project “Wander Bra” to be directed by Joven Tan. According to her, to become a superhero is her dream role and she’s grateful that she was handpicked for the project.

“Grateful talaga ako kay Direk Joven kasi isa ito sa mga parang first ko na for movies na leading for a major film,” she stated. She didn’t even hesitate when the movie was pitched to her despite knowing that she will only be wearing bra.

She added, “Kasi sinabi ko talaga, pag superhero, go ako. Saka gusto ko talaga ang mga fantasy kahit dati pa and dream ko talaga na maging super-hero.” Although, her costume is not that revealing since she will be wearing skirt and leggings.

She is having fun performing the role while shooting the movie. Emphasizing on acting in a green screen and doing action scenes tied to a harness.

Myrtle Sarrosa explained that her role is entirely different to Liza Soberano’s “Darna.” Saying that “Darna” is an action-fantasy while “Wander Bra” is a comedy-fantasy. And she’s wearing pink.

Myrtle’s partner in the project is Zeus Collins. They will also be joined by other known artists such as comedian Cacai Bautista and actor Ahron Villena.


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