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Kristine Hermosa might cause trouble in “Bagani”

  • Kristine Hermosa’s role in “Bagani” is still questionable.
  • She has the possibility to shift sides due to her past and relationship with the enemy.
  • The next episodes will show what will happen to Kristine’s role.

Kristine Hermosa’s TV comeback in “Bagani” was highly anticipated. She now plays the role of “Malaya” who, at first, looks like a good soul.

However, her role is still doubtful because she has a dark past, and not ignoring the fact that she is the mother of the story’s main antagonist.

In the previous episodes, Kristine showed a good heart by helping Ganda (Liza Soberano) and Lakas (Enrique Gil) escape the place called Dako Paroon.

The story introduced her as a companion, but her bad side will soon develop and the production suggests that everyone should continue watching the show.

The next episodes will show her possible change of heart, or maybe not. We can’t know for sure.

Catch Kristine Hermosa in “Bagani” every weekend night on ABS-CBN primetime.


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