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SANG’GRES IN “VICTOR MAGTANGGOL”: “Encantadia” head writer Suzette Doctolero reacts

  • Victor Magtanggol will feature the Sang’gres.
  • Glaiza de Castro, Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia and Sanya Lopez are reunited for the fantaserye.
  • Encatadia creator reacted with obvious dismay.

In July, Twitter users had a conversation about the Sang’gres of Encantadia crossing over to Victor Magtanggol‘s world. Kapuso head writer and Encantadia creator, Suzette Doctolero, replied with obvious dismay.


In the said conversation in July, a Solenn Heussaff fan page, @CassySolenn, hoped that there would be an Encantadia-Victor Magtanggol cross over.

“Madam @SuziDoctolero di ba magccross over ibang taga enca dito sa VM”

Entertainment Uptake replied that Norse could meet Pinoy mythology.

“Parang norse myth meets pinoy myth. Kaya lang baka di ipahiram ni madam mga characters niya”

Enca Trends, however, pointed out that Cassiopeia is from the Greek mythology.

“Greek myth si Cassiopeia

Kaya may chance na mapasali hahaha”

Suzette replies.

@CassySolenn, asked Entertainment Uptake and Enca Trends whether or not they remember the conversation. Entertainment Uptake mentioned that the writers have a lot of explaining to do due to Alden Richards‘ character as Lakan in Encantadia and his titular role as Victor Magtanggol.

File Photo (LionhearTV)

“Uyyy we talked about this pala. I forgot. Hahahah. But the writers have some explaining to do re Lakan v Victor. 😂”

Suzette pointed out that there is no cross over.

“Iba naman ginawa nila. Wala crossover.”

Another netizen, @etxetera, expressed dismay at including Encantadia in Victor Magtanggol.

“@SuziDoctolero why include Enca in the disaster ????!!! alam mong di yan ang pangsalba #DamnedIt 😰😰😰 fake news di ba??? Fake di ba 😭 #IKnowYouHateStupidity BAKET !!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suzette replied back, noting that viewers should maybe watch it first.

“Alam ko Walang enca. Baka dapat panoorin muna..”

Encantadia‘s 2016 requel concluded on May 2017.


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