KathNiel lords over other love teams, critics suggest that this is not healthy for the entertainment industry

  • KathNiel has taken over all other love teams.
  • People are now focused on KathNiel since their milestone movie “The Hows of Us.”
  • Critics find the dominance of a single love team quite unhealthy for the industry.

KathNiel is arguably the number one love team today.

Their humongous hit movie “The Hows of Us” is a record that might be hard to break by another screen pairing.

“The Hows of Us” earned over Php800-million making them the only love team to have accomplished that feat.

However, some critics are quick to opine that a trend like this may prove to be unhealthy for the industry in the long run.

For one, it could result to “minor” love teams losing their following in no time at all.

Second, filmmakers may be discouraged to make a formula movie again because of the pressure placed upon them by a gigantic hit.

Third, all filmmakers will focus on getting KathNiel as their lead stars just to ensure box-office success and set aside the true essence of filmmaking.

The challenge now is to choose variety over dominance to make the showbiz world go ’round.



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