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Magnolia Ice Cream releases two new must-try Premium flavors

  • Magnolia Ice Cream releases two new must-try Premium flavors
  • Magnolia Ice Cream introduces 2 new & exciting flavors with Kesong Puti and Pastillas, now available in supermarkets & groceries for only Php 195

Following the success of the famous Avocado Classic, Magnolia Ice Cream, home of the Filipinos’ favorite desserts, recently revealed two new and exciting additions to its Premium Line. Well-loved across generations for their luscious, thick, and creamy creations, Magnolia entices fans to expand their premium palates with the new Kesong Puti and Pastillas flavors. At an affordable price of only Php 195 each, Magnolia delivers real ingredients without any artificial flavors for everyone’s complete, premium indulgence.

The Kesong Puti flavor is a must-try for those who want to indulge in a salty and sweet combo. Made with real premium white cheese or keso – a flavor that is as classic as vanilla or chocolate here in the Philippines – it’s sure to be a familiar (and a sure hit!) dessert delight for every Filipino palate. Magnolia’s Kesong Puti is packed with white cheese bits that easily melt in your mouth and is complemented by the creamy goodness of carabao’s milk, making every bite a salty-sweet scoopable treat!

Another brand-new offering is the Pastillas flavor which brings loads of sweet and sugary memories of the timeless Filipino pasalubong of your childhood-favorite snack. Transformed by Magnolia Ice Cream into a premium ice cream flavor, this sugary treat delivers a burst of sweetness which, enhanced by the creamy texture of carabao’s milk, is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth!

Get your spoons ready and scoop up these three irresistible flavors from Magnolia Ice Cream’s Premium Line today! Visit your favorite supermarkets and groceries to purchase a pint for only Php 195 each! For more information, follow Magnolia Ice Cream’s social media account.


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