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No Regular TV Show? 10 Reasons Why Kris Aquino Is Still A Winner!

  • Fans have been asking Kris Aquino when she will have her big television comeback.
  • Despite not having a regular TV Show now, we still believe that the Queen of All Media is a winner. Check out our list to know more!

A lot of people have been clamoring for the return of the one and only Queen of All Media, Ms. Kris Aquino to the small screen. Her fans have been asking when she will have her big television comeback. Kris Aquino has been very active in television, starting her television career as a talk show host and gossiper in “The Kris Aquino Show” (1996) broadcast by GMA Network. After GMA and Viva dropped her, she went back to ABS-CBN where she hosted the highly successful “Today with Kris Aquino” which premiered on October 28, 1996 and concluded on March 9, 2001. She also hosted other showbiz-oriented talk shows like “Morning Girls with Kris and Korina”, alongside known broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, “The Buzz”, “Boy & Kris”, “Showbiz News Ngayon” and “Kris TV”.

Aside from these talk shows, she also earned the title as Philippines’ Queen of Game Shows after hosting some of ABS-CBN’s most successful shows like “Pilipinas, Game KNB?”, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Kapamilya, Deal Or No Deal?”.

She may not be that visible on television right now, she still emerges as the top dog to us. We counted down the 10 Reasons Why Kris Aquino Is Still A Winner!


10. She will always be Philippines’ Box-Office Horror Queen.

After starring in some of the highest-grossing local horror films in the country like “Feng Shui” (2004) and its 2014 sequel, “Sukob” (2006), “Dalaw” (2010), and “Segunda Mano” (2011), it is, no doubt, that Kris Aquino will remain as Philippines’ Box-Office Horror Queen. Her horror films under Star Cinema had earned a total of more than 700 million pesos. No other actress in Philippine movie history has ever achieved such success.

Kris Aquino’s memorable cameo as Princess Intan was a real delight.

9. She recently starred in the Hollywood Blockbuster Hit “Crazy Rich Asians”.

Kris Aquino played a short yet vital role in the recent Hollywood box-office hit “Crazy Rich Asians”. In the film, she played the cold and reserved Princess Intan, a Malay princess that was befriended by the protagonist, Rachel Wu. The film had grossed over $235 million worldwide and is now the highest-grossing romantic comedy in a decade.

8. Possibility of a Hollywood Career?

Kris Aquino recently revealed that an american agent sent her a script for a multi-ethnicity production. Although she said that she wasn’t quite sure if the role was still open, she was very thankful for being asked to audition for a recurring character. But who knows? After “Crazy Rich Asians”, we might see her soon in a Hollywood television series in the future?

7. She will star in a new film soon!

It has been confirmed that Kris Aquino will star in another horror film soon with Kapuso star Barbie Forteza. The film will be under the direction of Adolf Alix Jr. (Manila, Padre de Familia, Madilim Ang Gabi) and will be released on the subscription video-on-demand service iFlix.

6. Her dozens of Endorsements.

Kris Aquino remains to be a favorite among brands. No wonder she is the top choice by many companies to endorse their products and services. Imagine watching your favorite teleserye on Primetime. It seems like almost every other commercial break,  there will be an ad featuring Kris Aquino. Aside from being the endorser of SM Malls, she has also announced that Cathay Pacific is now their new airline partner.

5. Kris Aquino has built her own business empire!

Did you know that aside from being a host and actress, Kris Aquino also owns and manages several businesses like restaurants and an upscale flower shop? She currently owns numerous fast food store franchises such as Jollibee and Chowking. At the same time, she also established a film and television production company named Kris Aquino Productions (or K Productions) which has co-produced the box-office hits “My Little Bossings” and “Feng Shui 2”. She also launched her own line of beauty products named after her. The Kris cosmetic collection is a universal set of products that help enhance your own natural beauty, regardless of age and background which ranges from lipstick to matte powder foundation.

4. She will always be the one and only Queen Of All Media.

There is, no doubt, that Kris Aquino is one of the most influential names in the country. From Facebook (1,721,884 likes, 1,859,380 followers), Twitter (1.57 million followers) to Instagram (3.8 million followers), she is one of the most followed celebrities in the country on social media. She has conquered not only television, film, and print media but also the internet.

3. She’s “viral”, but in a good way. Filipinos just can’t get enough of her.

Kris Aquino will always have a place in our hearts. The country is her witness to all the obstacles and controversies she had gone through for the past years. We have seen her during her lowest point in her life and continued supporting her until she was able to rise up from all her challenges. She has this certain charm that Filipinos just can’t get enough of. This is proven further by all the viral memes on the internet right now featuring her honest reactions.

She has become one of the most unforgettable and most important names in the showbiz industry.

2. She has her two loving and supportive boys, Josh and Bimby.

Of course, you will definitely feel like a winner if you have your family by your side and supporting you all the way.  And Kris Aquino is truly a winner with her two boys, Josh and Bimby, who are both very caring and understanding to their mother. If you have your loved ones like Kris, you will always feel like a champion everyday.

1. She is LionhearTV’s Royal Lion Awardee of this year’s RAWR Awards!

On LionhearTV’s 10th year in the blogosphere, RAWR Awards once again gives honor and recognition to the best and the brightest in Philippine Entertainment industry. Winners of each award will come from the combined total votes of Fans/Readers (50%), Blogging community (25%) and Industry leaders (25%). And yes, you’ve heard it right! The one and only Queen of All Media Ms. Kris Aquino is our recipient of LionhearTV’s Royal Lion Award in this year’s  RAWR Awards.

Now, no one can deny that she is always a winner!

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