Vice Ganda says “Calvin (Abueva) is My Sunshine”

  • It’s Showtime hosts asked (each other) who their ‘sunshines’ are.
  • Vhong Navarro insisted that Vice Ganda to name his ‘sunshine’ as the audience cheered and yelled out Calvin Abueva’s name.
  • Vice, then, admitted that Calvin is his sunshine.

According to Johnny Cash‘s song You Are My Sunshine, the “sunshine” is the person who makes you happy. Moira dela Torre had her own version of this song which production and hosts use in It’s Showtime. In a recent episode of the noontime show, hosts revealed who their respective ‘sunshines’ are.

It’s Showtime hosts reveal their “sunshine.”

Vice Ganda asked the other hosts who their “sunshine” is.

Anne Curtis called her husband, Erwan Heussaff, as her sunshine.

Vhong Navarro‘s sunshine is his partner, Tanya Bautista.

Amy Perez called her husband and kids as her sunshine.

Mariel Padilla, then, turned to Vice and asked:

“Meme, who is your sunshine?”

Vice admitted who his “sunshine” is.

Vhong insisted Vice to name his ‘sunshine’ as the audience cheered on for the name Calvin Abueva to be revealed.

“My sunshine is Calvin.”

Vice, then, later explained why.

“Siya iyong closest friend ko ngayon. Siya iyong lagi ko nakakasama… Your sunshine can be your loved one, your family, your special friend, and your pet.”

Vice and Calvin have always been vocal about their close relationship as friends.



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