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5 Things We Love About SMART online series ‘FindHer’

Smart Communications recently unveiled its first online series on YouTube last Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. The seven-part romantic-comedy online series was produced in partnership with Epicmedia and Bent & Buzz. The web series’ first five episodes were made available on Feb.9, while the final two episodes on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

The series, entitled ‘FindHer,’ reflected the realities of modern dating and relationships and revolved around three individuals who contend with the complexities of love in a time of smartphones and dating apps. Helming the series is Victor Villanueva, the critically-acclaimed director of ‘Patay Na si Hesus.’ It is penned by award-winning writer Carl Chavez and best-selling author Rod Marmol. It stars Barbara Ruaro as Lia, Dionne Monsanto as Aika, and Vance Larena as Gabe.

Here are the 5 things we love with this one-of-a-kind online series:

1. It’s story about Lia and Aika’s friendship.

The first episode of the series introduces us to the characters of Lia (played by Barbara Ruaro who recently starred in the the 2018 QCinema International Film Festival entry ‘Dog Days’) and Aika (played by ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate Dionne Monsanto of the 2016 daytime series ‘Tubig at Langis’ and the iWant digital film ‘Glorious’).

Lia and Aika is your definition of BFFs, or best friends forever. They are the direct opposites of one another: Aika is feisty, fearless, and party-loving while Lia is the smart, quiet, and reserved one. But despite their differences, they go along pretty well. Girls will surely see a lot of similarities with their-selves and these two characters.

2. Meet Gabe, your typical hopeless romantic.

Episode 2 introduces us to Gabe (played by Vance Larena of the indie musical drama ‘Bakwit Boys,’ one of the official entries of the 2018 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino). Gabe is your hopeless romantic, a guy who is willing to do everything for love. He was recently heartbroken by his girlfriend, who broke up with him for another guy.

His friend Ken (played by Ross Pesigan) then hands him over a second hand phone bought from God knows where, and introduces him to the online dating app called FindHer. This is where he encounters Aika, or a version of her.

Girls will definitely fall in love with Gabe’s character while bingeing on the series because he is every girl’s dream guy – funny, caring, and loyal. A rare catch these days.

3. The out-of-this-world romantic story.

What makes the series so unique is it’s one of a kind story that echoes the 2016 Japanese animated film “Kimi no Na wa,” aka “Your Name.” Why? Well, for starters, it tackles themes about alternate or parallel universes.

Imagine if there was another version of you, albeit with some differences, in another universe? Now, what if you fall in love with someone from that parallel universe?

This is what makes ‘FindHer’ so unique and fun to watch. After a retrograde (an event when planets move in an opposite direction to planet Earth) caused Aika’s phone to malfunction, she decided to sell it away. The phone eventually went to the hands of the heartbroken Gabe, who tries using the phone’s app, FindHer.

And because of some twist of fate, most likely caused by the retrograde event two years ago), he starts chatting with Aika’s alternate version from a parallel universe.

4. The kilig of meeting someone online.

It all starts with one hello, they say. And that’s exactly how the love story of Gabe and Aika (or her alternate version) started in the series. This is probably the most kilig-filled moment in the series, watching these two flirt with one another through DMs and emojis.

Millennials will surely relate to the way these two talk to one another, thanks to the solid direction of Victor Villanueva and the witty script written by Carl Chavez and Rod Marmol.

5. We’re hooked to ‘find’ out what will happen to their twisted love story.

After days and weeks of chatting with one another, the two soon fell in love and decided to finally meet. I’m sure we already have an idea of what’s going to happen next given their situation.

But what if in a much more twisted turn of events, Lia will meet Gabe and fall in love with him? And what if she finds out that Gabe is in love with her best friend’s alternate version from a parallel universe? Will Gabe finally get a chance to actually meet Aika? What will happen to these three characters who are stuck in this wild and cosmic love triangle?

After watching the first few episodes of the series, I couldn’t wait to watch the next ones because I’m already hooked with these three characters. And I’m pretty sure that everyone else who will be watching the series will be filled with excitement and curiosity as to what will happen next.

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