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February 2019 TV Ratings: GMA Network claims #1; ABS-CBN Network tops nationwide survey

  • Kantar Media records data from urban and rural areas while NUTAM only gets ratings from selected urban areas in the Philippines
  • Both leading networks claimed domination in the February 2019 TV Ratings game
  • GMA Network uses NUTAM as ABS-CBN subscribes to Kantar Media

Two of the biggest TV networks, ABS-CBN Corp. and GMA Network Inc., tussled over nationwide TV ratings as both claimed dominance for the month of February 2019, using data from different audience measurement providers; namely, NUTAM and Kantar Media.

NUTAM uses a panel size of 1,980 homes based solely in urban areas that represent 57% of the total Philippine TV viewing population. There are 7,260,723 urban homes included in the measurement that encompasses 34 million individuals.

Kantar Media uses a nationwide panel size of 2,609 urban and rural homes. It has a total of 6.315 million homes in rural areas and 8.820 million homes in urban areas across the Philippines, bringing the total of 15.135 million homes nationwide covering 75 million individuals.


According to NUTAM People Ratings or the AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines, GMA Network topped in the nationwide TV Ratings for the second month of the year.

Based on data gathered between February 24 to 28, the Kapuso Network gained higher margins over its competitor. It registered a total daily percentage of 38.4 audience views, making an average of 3.8 percent difference against ABS-CBN Network, which only got a total percentage of 34.6 viewership.

In the morning block, GMA Network gathered a total percentage of 33.9 people audience share as compared to its rival which got at least a 5.4 percent lower score, making a total percentage of 28.5 views.

In the afternoon block, it subsequently ruled with a total average of 39.2 audience views and having a 4.5 percent gap over its rival network, which gathered only a 34.7 percent audience share.

It also primed in the evening block by gaining an average of 2.6 percent, a higher score that totaled a percentage of 39.5 views versus its rival which gained a 36.9 percent of audience share.

The Kapuso Network, as well, maintained a strong viewership in the areas of Urban Luzon and Mega Manila by garnering a total percentage of 72 and 60 viewership respectively.

In Urban Luzon, it gained an average of 42.1 percent total daily audience, leading at least by 12.9 percent higher than its rival which garnered only a total percentage of 29.2.

In Mega Manila, based on the February 1 to 23 gathered data, the Kapuso Network kept its spot after gaining an average total daily audience of 43.9 percent, versus the Kapamilya Network which only gained a percentage of 26.6 viewership.

Kantar Media

Based on Kantar Media’s data, ABS-CBN Network is still the network of choice nationwide as it registered an average audience share of 45 percent, making at least 15 points higher than GMA Network’s total audience of 30 percent.

The Kapamilya Network also sustained its spot on the areas of Metro Manila and Mega Manila respectively.

In Metro Manila, ABS-CBN Network gained a total percentage of 43 making a difference of a 20-percent higher score against its rival which garnered a total percentage of 23. Likewise in Mega Manila, ABS-CBN Network gained a total people audience of 36 percent compared to GMA Network which garnered only a total percentage of 29, making at least a 7-percent score difference.

It, as well, widely dominated the shores of the whole Philippines as it leads in the areas of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

In Luzon, the Kapamilya Network raised its flag as it gained a total audience of 40 percent leading at least 8 percent against its rival which garnered an average of 32 percent views. In the Visayas, it hit the charts sky high as it garnered a total percentage of 55 people views having at least an average of 31 percent score difference against its rival which only gained a total of 24 percent audience. Lastly, in the island of Mindanao, it also massively conquered the ratings as it gained a total of 55 percent views as compared to its rival which only gained a total of 26 percent, making at least 29 percent score gap.


Written by Rochelle Pamotongan

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