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“Filipinos aint ready for rock and roll.” JK Labajo laments quick judgment of his cursing onstage

  • JK Labajo cursed someone whilst performing on stage during the Rakrakan 2019 festival
  • Read the reason why he pointed out to someone and cursed her for the action that has been done
  • JK laments on his quick judgment for cursing on stage

What you give is what you’ll receive.

Sometimes, this is what will happen when unruly behavior from a member of the crowd deserves the attention that he/she craves for.

During one of his performances, singer JK Labajo cursed someone from the audience. The person that he’s pertaining to that time was shouting a name that pissed him off.

It would be easy for everyone to judge a person and say that he should let it pass, but in every action there’s an equivalent reaction. JK was there to perform. Being on stage isn’t easy, the temperature of the lights, and the weight of the instruments may give musicians discomfort.

Yet they’re performing because that’s their passion, and besides that’s the Rakrakan fest.

Everyone must also understand that, just like you, there are factors that might affect someone’s temper. Celebrities are humans too. They have emotions and, most of all, have the same primal needs like us. They deserve respect, too.

In a video that circulated online, he pointed out and acknowledged the presence of his fans and the people who appreciated his performance. He did not curse for no reason.

The rule in attending a concert or a performance is easy, if you don’t like a particular performer, don’t watch the performance. Never disrespect a performer. If you seek attention, why not go on stage and perform?

Judgments from people who have not witnessed everything that happened is easy. It is true that no one is in favor of someone cursing in public, especially on stage.

On the other hand, the singer was just being himself, in sharing who he really is to his fans and to the people.

On JK’s Instagram stories, he lamented on the quick judgment from the people who have not fully witnessed the situation. He also pointed out the haters who judged him on social media.

I got his point that he just wanted to keep things real, making himself closer to public. His attitude is breaking the wall between celebrities to their fans.

Lastly, he expressed his gratitude to the people who believe in him and supported him.

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