Man accidentally touched Vice Ganda’s private part in a now viral video

  • A video of Vice Ganda went viral and was feasted on by netizens
  • In the video, the comedian was accidentally touched in his private parts by a man
  • The video gained mixed reactions from netizens

The Unkabogable star Vice Ganda often has his tours and travels with his security personnel. However, this did not guarantees him the avoidance of unexpected encounters, specially in a swarming crowd.

A viral video of Vice Ganda made its rounds on social media and has accumulated mixed reactions from netizens.

As seen in the video, the comedian was rushing around the premise and suddenly he was accidentally touched in his private parts by a man taking a selfie.

The incident provoked some laughter from the crowd and made the comedian shocked and discomposed.

The netizens feasted on the comedian’s noticeable facial expression and reacted to the viral video in different ways. Some treated it as a humorous act while others felt sorry for the comedian.

Grabe naman sana nag pa picture nalang di naman sinasadya.”

Saktong sakto yun hahahahaha! Grabe yun kamay ni kuya eh!”

“I feel bad pero yun reaction ni Vice nagdala. Talagang kita mo yun gulat sa mukha niya HAHAHAHA.”

Naawa ako kay meme… Nabigla siya talaga eh…”

Yun iba dito tawa lng ng tawa di man lng kayo maawa kay meme vice.”

Comedian superstar Vice Ganda is one of the most widely-known actors in the Philippines. He starred in several blockbuster movies including ‘Fantastica’ and ‘Super Parental Guardians.’



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