Ogie Diaz lashes out at ‘Anti-bobo’ crusader Larry Gadon

  • ‘Anti-bobo’ crusader Gadon claims poll cheating in senatorial race
  • Lawyer Larry Gadon claimed Tuesday that he was cheated in the midterm elections as he trailed in partial and unofficial results
  • Gadon’s reaction on the partial and unofficial results didn’t sit well on Ogie Diaz

Comedian and talent-manager Ogie Diaz wasn’t able to control his tongue and lashed out at Attorney Larry Gadon when the latter claimed that he was cheated in his senatorial bid in the recently concluded senatorial elections.

On Facebook, Diaz left a statement for Gadon asking the latter to move on with the issue and taunted him that the ‘brilliant ones’ weren’t able to vote.

Diaz wrote, “Ikaw din, move on ka na din. Sabi ko sa yo, di nakakatulong ang pagsasabi mo ng “Bobo!” eh. Baka hindi nakaboto yung “matatalino”?”

Ikaw din, move on ka na din. Sabi ko sa yo, di nakakatulongang pagsasabi mo ng “Bobo!” eh.Baka hindi nakaboto yung “matatalino”?

Posted by Ogie Diaz on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Gadon ran for the senatorial position under the opposition coalition Kilusang Bagong Lipunan Party. As of May 14 at around 5 pm, Gadon trailed to number 28 in the senatorial race with 3,337,896 votes – the reason why he was furious and aired his disappointment on a social media site.

He also claimed that he was a victim of ‘dagdag-bawas’ that benefited the weaklings of the administration.

In a video post he stated, “Dinaya tayo e. Shinave ang mga boto ko para ibigay dun sa mga mahihina na mga admin candidates.”

“Kagulat gulat ito dahil hindi naman ako anti-Duterte. Actually, pro-Duterte nga ako,” he added.

He even boasted that he topped most surveys on universities but his statement was falsified since he didn’t even make it to the top 12 preferred senatorial candidates in the pre-election surveys conducted in different universities.


May mensahe si Atty; Larry Gadon ukol sa naging Botohan ngayong Senatorial Election 2019

Posted by Para sa Bayan on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The attorney stated, “Mula pa noon sa social media at sa mga mock elections sa malalaking unibersidad palagi akong nagto-top, top 1 o top 5.”

“Sa pagikot-ikot ko sa lahat ng mga siyudad at probinsya talagang pinagkakaguluhan ako, even in those far places na hindi ako nagkaroon kahit isang poster,” Gadon added.



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