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GMA Network releases official statement on DOLE investigation

  • DOLE: GMA Network violated safety standards in Eddie Garcia incident
  • The results of the investigation were revealed during the DOLE’s budget hearing at the House of Representatives
  • Eddie Garcia passed away on June 20 at the age of 90 after nearly two weeks of being in a comatose state

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said GMA Network violated three work safety violations that led to the death of veteran actor Eddie Garcia.

DOLE’s NCR Director Sarah Buena Mirasol pointed out that GMA Network and its contractors did not submit an incident report within 24 hours; did not provide a safety officer; and didn’t have a first aid professional while shooting the scenes.

On September 7, GMA Network through their official website published their reaction on the said report.

It reads:

“The DOLE investigation is still ongoing. GMA Network is fully cooperating in the proceedings and will reply accordingly when the final decision has been issued by the DOLE.”

Last July 2, GMA Network revealed that they’ve already finished their own internal investigation on Eddie Garcia’s death, however, the management refused to disclose results reportedly upon the family’s request.

“GMA Network has completed its internal investigation on the accident involving the late Mr. Eddie Garcia. The family wishes to be given a copy before we share the report with the public. Thank you.”

DOLE and GMA Network officials are set to meet on September 16.


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