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‘Prima Donnas’ wins three times against ‘Kadenang Ginto’ in NUTAM People Ratings

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

Kadenang Ginto‘ was able to bounce back in the previous week, but the week of November 4 to November 8 was different.

Despite starting the week with a high rating of 7.9%, ‘Kadenang Ginto‘ only got two wins this week – Monday and Wednesday. It’s rival show on GMA Network, ‘Prima Donnas’ scored higher on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

‘Kadenang Ginto’ is scheduled to end in 2020 while ‘Prima Donnas‘ was given extension due to high ratings.

In ‘Kadenang Ginto‘ this week, Hector’s perplexing threat leaves an mark on Romina’s mind. In the middle of the night, she shared this unwavering thought to Robert, whose words comfort her for the time being. Unbeknownst to Romina, Daniela is doing everything in her power to keep her and Robert’s secret under wraps. Meanwhile, Roxanne pays Hector a visit in jail to apologize and explain her side of things. Elsewhere, Kulas’ nightmare about Jessa compels him to resume his search for the latter and their child.

Wanting to start anew, Leon decides to move out with Paco and Roxanne. Tope tries to comfort Cassie who is saddened by news of Paco leaving. Hell-bent on concealing her secrets from Romina, Daniela reveals her trump card against Hector. Because of this, Hector faces an important decision. He then issues a veiled warning that causes Romina to be on her guard.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from November 4 to November 8:

Monday (November 4) Prima Donnas 7.1% vs Kadenang Ginto 7.9%
Tuesday (November 5) Prima Donnas 7.2% vs Kadenang Ginto 6.8%
Wednesday (November 6) Prima Donnas 7.4% vs Kadenang Ginto 8.3%
Thursday (November 7) Prima Donnas 7.8% vs Kadenang Ginto 7.1%
Friday (November 8) Prima Donnas 7.6% vs Kadenang Ginto 7.0%


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