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Gab Valenciano clarifies controversial tweet

Gab Valenciano share  a feeding program initiative and urged people to donate for the cause.

  • Gab Valenciano explains his highly criticized tweet.

Gab Valenciano was heavily criticized a few weeks ago after he tweeted about a politician who according to him needs to step down because of risking people’s lives.

“There’s corruption, then there’s pure idiocy. It’s one thing to steal our money, another to put your own people at risk. Disappointment isn’t the word. Disgust would be more appropriate. Step down, sir. Or we will do it for you.”

Though he never named the person he was referring to, pro-Duterte supporters assumed he meant the president and proceeded to attack Gab on Twitter.

In a tweet on Thursday, April 2, Gab clarified that his tweet was about Sen. Koko.Pimentel.

“Tweet was for Koko. FYI.”

Pimentel made headlines and angered people after he violated his home quarantine protocol when he accompanied his wife to the Makati Medical Center for her scheduled delivery.

The senator was already a PUI at that time and his test results from the RITM came out to be positive.

Although Pimentel denied roaming around the premises of the hospital, the Makati Medical Center issued a strong statement denouncing Pimentel for his irresponsible and reckless action which exposed their patients and medical staff to a possible infection to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Gab’s mother Angeli Pangilinan also took to Twitter to defend her son saying the tweet is about Sen. Koko Pimentel.

“Do you know how many suicides my son’s tweets on mental health have prevented? He was referring to the COVID positive senator who exposed himself in the ER and delivery room. That act angered millions. Gab is human and he was angered by that act. He realized he wasn’t specific.”

Following his clarification, Gab also shared the feeding program he conducted for the residents of Bagong Silangan, Quezon City.

In an instagram post on Monday, April 6, Gab posted a picture of himself giving out food for the residents affected by the Luzon wide lockdown. In the caption, Gab shared how fulfilling it is to see people feeling they’re not alone in this situation because that are those willing and ready to help.

He also encouraged other people to join his cause by donating as low as 65 pesos to provide meals for needy families.

“As you can see, the Filipino spirit shines through. After what I experienced first hand, my heart has shifted gears and is now focused on truly helping people this way. I understand the risk, but being there helped bridge the gap and showed them that they are not alone. The response to us being there is what inspired me to help even more. Not to worry as safety measures were taken prior, during and after the program. Despite their current situation, they still managed to follow the guidelines (to a certain extent as we must educate even more) such as wearing their face masks, social distancing and every sector had alcohol and sanitizer before entry. This is just the start, there are thousands who need our help as many are left jobless and unable to provide for their families. Come join the cause by donating or volunteering. For only 65 Php, you’ve provided one meal for a family of five.”


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