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John Lapus posts a message for people still foolishly and blindly following the government

“Ang pagsasalita, pagpuna at galit ang maitutulong natin. Demokrasya ang tawag doon. Pag hindi tayo nagsalita, pumuna at nagalit, patuloy nila gagawin ang mali. Tandaan nyo yan!”

John “Sweet” Lapus posted on Instagram a short comic strip that is in relation to the way the government runs the Philippines.

He claims that the photo is the answer to those people saying that Filipinos should just keep obeying the government blindly without ever having the chance to speak about their rights and needs.

The post was captioned as, “Eto yung sagot sa mga nagsasabing “Tumahimik na lang kung walang maitutulong”, “Magtiwala tayo”, “Walang magagawa ang galit” etc. Ang pagsasalita, pagpuna at galit ang maitutulong natin. Demokrasya ang tawag doon. Pag hindi tayo nagsalita, pumuna at nagalit, patuloy nila gagawin ang mali. Tandaan nyo yan!”

He used the hashtags “#MightAsWell #LabanSweet #LabanKapamilya” as to show that he stands for all Kapamilya who are being marginalized by the government.

In his post, he mentioned that it is natural and a must for people to complain about the government’s leadership because it is their basic right as citizens of the country. He noted that we live in a democratic country so people’s voices must be heard so as to not allow the people on top to abuse their power and so that they will be able to lead the country effectively.

A great leader is someone who listens to his constituents to be able to come up with the right decision for the team. If a leader ignores the cries and opinions of his member, then he is not an effective leader but rather a selfish and a dictating one. With the leader only dictating to the team, there are bound to be conflicts internally and the whole team will not prosper.

The comic strip shows one driver and two passengers riding a vehicle. One person expressed his worry that there was something wrong as the driver seemed to be sleepy while the other passenger just told him to just follow the driver because he knows what he was doing. Even as they were headed for disaster in spite of the first passenger’s warnings, the second passenger remained stubborn and blind to the driver’s fault. After getting into an accident, the second passenger still maintained the driver’s skills as being the best.

The netizens shared various opinions regarding the analogy. Some people agreed with Sweet and thanked him for opening their eyes to the reality of things. They mentioned that people these days are losing their voices.

Some disagreed with Sweet’s analogy saying that he has no idea what he was talking about.

People said that the comedian-host was just pushing the blame on the leaders because he was mad that ABS-CBN was shut down.

On July 10, members of the House committee on legislative franchises voted to deny the application of ABS-CBN for a fresh franchise. Many people have affected greatly most especially the network’s employees who lost their jobs.

ABS-CBN talents were allowed to take on jobs with other networks because their contracts were already released by the Kapamilya network. The ABS-CBN employees, on the other hand, will have a hard time coping with the network’s shut down. They will be forced to look for other means of earning money amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kapamilya artists were disheartened by the news and decided to speak up regarding the issue. Some artists became vocal on social media in spreading awareness to all people. While some artists went on to participate in rallies for the franchise of ABS-CBN.

John Lapus also showed his support for the network through posting on his social media accounts.

John Lapus is a Filipino actor, host, director, and comedian. Lapus is known for his several various roles such as in Shake, Rattle & Roll. Lapus is openly gay. While he was with GMA for some years, his management remained with Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s talent management arm.

Lapus took a new role in the entertainment universe as a director. He directed a film entitled, Pang-MMK. He also directed a Wansapanataym episode “Mr. Cutepido” of McCoy de Leon and Heaven Peralejo and a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode starring Maymay Entrata.


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